[Go Faster] Create a repository for "one-off" System Add-ons

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:ckprice to take a first stab at creating the repository and asking for comments.

Ref: https://pad.mocotoolsprod.net/gofaster_oneoffaddons
Repo created, :Standard8 could you please check it out and let me know what you think so far?

Oh, and if you could give me admin rights on it that'd be good too (I transferred to /mozilla).
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I've created two teams:


- Assigned as admins to the repo.
- The general recommendation is that we keep the admin list as small as reasonable, once set up we shouldn't have to do too much.
- Currently consists of ckprice and myself.


- Collaborators who have write access to the repo.
- Currently consists of ckprice, Felipe and myself

ckprice and I are both able to add more members to either team.

I have also:

- Marked the master branch as protected, so that history can't be rewritten.
- Required pull requests with reviews before merging to master.
- Turned off wikis & issues for now (generally assuming we'll use bugzilla).
- Disallowed merge commits for pull requests when merging from the UI (github has better options these days imo).
- Created a PR for enabling eslint

Once the PR lands, I'll get a branch/PR going for hooking up Taskcluster automation.
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