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Do not show the login capture doorhanger during generic mochitests


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The mochitest framework (plain, chrome, and browser) is used across the tree to test various web platform features as well as browser user interface.

When forms containing a password field are used in a mochitest, a side effect that is not obvious to the test writer is that the login capture doorhanger will be shown, and will remain displayed even during later tests.

Currently, this behavior is responsible for some intermittent failures in mochitests, because the doorhanger is closed only if a navigation happens after a certain timeout. We are now changing how the doorhanger works in bug 1282768, and this made some of the intermittent failures permanent.

Even if generally we keep the same configuration in tests and release because we want to test exactly what we ship, in this case I think it makes sense to disable the doorhanger unless we are specifically testing it.

This is the opposite of the current pattern for which a test that would cause the doorhanger to open would reset the preference. This makes sense because, if a generic mochitest inadvertently displays the doorhanger, the test would *not* fail, but it would cause a possibly intermittent failure in a different test. This means that a developer may easily miss that they have to explicitly reset the preference when adding a new test.
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Bug 1316311 - Do not show the login capture doorhanger during generic mochitests.
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Do not show the login capture doorhanger during generic mochitests. r=MattN
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