Tree view should collapse again when hovering different element



3 years ago
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3 years ago
While inspecting the tree view is expanding the branches to display the element hovered within the page, though moving the mouse away from the element and hovering another one keeps the tree view of the first one expanded, which clutters the display.

Instead, the related branch should automatically be collapsed again when hovering another element.

Test case:
1. Open the Inspector on this page
2. Click the Inspect button to start inspecting
3. Hover different parts of the page
   => The tree structure is expanded and the related elements are highlighted within the tree view.
4. Click the Inspect button again to stop inspecting (without having clicked on an element to inspect it!)

=> The tree view should look like before the Inspect button was clicked, i.e. all the branches should be collapsed again and only the <body> element should be expanded.
Though as currently implemented all the branches holding the previously hovered elements stay expanded.



3 years ago
Blocks: firebug-gaps
This is also a chrome gap. Thanks for filing.
NI'ing a few people to discuss if we think this is a good idea or not. I personally think this is.
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So, I think this is a good idea after evaluating further. I noticed that in Chrome that there are cases where the markup view remains expanded for parent-child relationships. I think we should figure out our exact desired behavior.
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3 years ago
I think it should stay expanded when the user expanded it manually before. In all other cases it should be automatically collapsed again (which seems to be the logic Chrome's DevTools follow).

Inspector bug triage (filter on CLIMBING SHOES).
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