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Wasm baseline: Make RegI32, RegI64, RegF32, RegF64 inherit from, not wrap, Register, Register64, FloatRegister


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Making the change specified in the Summary will probably simplify the compiler some (and will reduce code) while maintaining the strong typing we get from these classes, stronger than what using the Register/Register64/FloatRegister types directly would give us.

This is probably mostly grunt work with a broad impact, all the ".reg" phrases will have to go away.
Dipping a toe into wasm. Grunt work accepted!
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This was mostly automated. Here were my steps:

* s/.reg.reg/.foo/g
* s/.reg//g
* s/.foo/.reg/g
* Fix up allocInt64 and freeInt64, where I over-corrected
* Fix up OutOfLineTruncateF32OrF64ToI32::generate, where the arms of the ternary were no longer the same type

Lars, do you have any suggestions for what builds and/or testing I should do?
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patch v1

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This seems very plausible.  (You'll have a little merge pain because of some things I landed today, but so will I for an outstanding fix after you land this :)

To test, I usually just run "./ ../build-debug/dist/bin/js wasm asm.js" in js/src/jit-test to test wasm changes, it'll test both the regular compiler and the baseline compiler.  All of that runs on check-in, too, on all platforms.

If you want to be more comprehensive, build Firefox, enable both wasm and wasm_baseline in about:config, clone,  and load demo/AngryBots/index.html, you should be able to play the game without crashing.
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Thanks for the pointers. I pulled a fresh m-i and reapplied my substitutions from scratch. jit-tests and the demo game look good.
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Make RegI32, RegI64, RegF32, RegF64 inherit from, not wrap, Register, Register64, FloatRegister. r=lth
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