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17 years ago
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17 years ago
After having used Comm 4.7x for some time and recently switching to Moz 0.9.8,
and 9.9, I'm having a lot of difficulty with the selection behavior on
mail/news.  These possibly should be reported as separate bugs, but:

1) When switching focus to a different pane of the window, selections in the
previously focused pane are no longer shown:
2) If focus is not in the mail list pane, the pane must first be given focus
before any drag-to-folder operation is recognized
3) In any operation where focus is not on the pane in which a drag operation
(either a move to folder, or a selection in the mail view pane) is initiated,
the contextual menu is displayed instead of initiating the drag.

Steps to reproduce:
Scenario 1, above
a) On a mail account with many folders, open the mail-news window with 3 panes
showing; select several items in the mail list pane (using either command-click
or shift-click).
b) Click in the scroll bar for the folders list (you do have a lot of folders,
right? :-) to see a folder that has scrolled off the screen in preparation for a
c) Notice that the selection (grayed items) in the mail list view is now not
showing.  Giving focus back to the pane (using tab) causes them to reappear, but
the selection should still be shown without having to do that.

Scenario 2 and 3)
a) On a mail account with many folders, open the mail-news window with 3 panes
b) Click on a message in the mail list to display it in the mail read pane
c) You want to file this message in the last folder, so scroll down in the
folder list to show the last folder.
d) Click-drag the message you were just viewing in the message list to try to
drag it to the folder you've just shown
e) Instead of initiating the drag (move), the contextual menu appears

expected behavior: I shouldn't need to explictly give focus to do a drag
operation; and doing so shouldn't cause the contextual menu to appear.

Comment 1

17 years ago
You've covered a few issues in this bug, I believe all are already reported. 
Item #3 (context menu appearing) is bug 117589.
QA Contact: esther → olgam

Comment 2

17 years ago
Actually, I take that back; I think the operation was updating some state I
wasn't aware of.  Trying the same approach a couple of times, I get the correct
behavior.  So it appears that the second half of this bug is covered by 117589.
 I'll do some additional digging to try to find a bug number for the first half.
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14 years ago
Assignee: sspitzer → mail
Assignee: mail → nobody
QA Contact: olgam → message-display

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10 years ago
This bug report is registered in the SeaMonkey product, but has been without a comment since the inception of the SeaMonkey project. This means that it was logged against the old Mozilla suite and we cannot determine that it's still valid for the current SeaMonkey suite. Because of this, we are setting it to an UNCONFIRMED state.

If you can confirm that this report still applies to current SeaMonkey 2.x nightly builds, please set it back to the NEW state along with a comment on how you reproduced it on what Build ID, or if it's an enhancement request, why it's still worth implementing and in what way.
If you can confirm that the report doesn't apply to current SeaMonkey 2.x nightly builds, please set it to the appropriate RESOLVED state (WORKSFORME, INVALID, WONTFIX, or similar).
If no action happens within the next few months, we move this bug report to an EXPIRED state.

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9 years ago
This bug report is registered in the SeaMonkey product, but still has no comment since the inception of the SeaMonkey project 5 years ago.

Because of this, we're resolving the bug as EXPIRED.

If you still can reproduce the bug on SeaMonkey 2 or otherwise think it's still valid, please REOPEN it and if it is a platform or toolkit issue, move it to the according component.

Query tag for this change: EXPIRED-20100420
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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