It's not possible to localize offline by downloading a project based on monolingual files



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2 years ago
Currently, if I download a project based on monolingual files (.properties, .ftl), I only get files with the strings that I've already translated. It's useful for QA, but not for translating offline, since I don't have the missing reference strings.

Possible solutions discussed on IRC:

1) Add en-US files to the .zip

2) Create on the fly merged files, with existing translations and missing strings added. 

It would be great for people working offline, but probably hard to do, and potentially risky: I download a file with 20 translated strings and 80 English strings, I upload it after translating 30 strings, but Pontoon will assume I have translated all the strings unless I manually remove the English ones from the file.

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2 years ago
Yeah, people doing 2) never made it, really.

I'd give this a P5, 'cause in most cases like this, attribution breaks, too. Or at least historically did.
I agree, 2) seems very risky.

We should also expose links to project repositories in project descriptions.
Priority: -- → P4
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