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Set up the list of locales shipping in v6.0


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Opening up this bug a bit in advance. Currently, master and v6.x do not have a list of shipping locales.

The list for v5.x can be found here:

We should land a list in master and in v6.x, and update it near the end of each cycle.

Deadline for localization for v6 has been announced for Nov 29th.

Stefan has updated screenshots here for testing:

Completely localized

Locales currently completely localized but not shipping in v6:
ar, fa: still blocked by RTL support
bn-BD, bn-IN, es-CL, eu, kab, ms, pa-IN: need explicit sign-off as are new locales: 

Locales shipping in v5.x but currently incomplete:
bg, br, da, en-GB, id, ja, km, ko, lv, ne-NP, tl

I will update this bug as we get closer to Nov 29.

We reviewed all translations for Kab locale. All seems to be right.
May be we will review some strings for size.

Kabyle localization team says Go.
Swedish sv-SE is ready for shipping me and Andreas (az) have worked on it :)
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Catalan (ca) translation is finished. v6 will be the first Catalan release.
If there is a chance, we would like to review a new set of screenshots from Stefan before l10n freeze (Nov 29th). I already requested that in the l10n list.
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Hi Delphine,

Is there any 2nd iteration before freeze on 29/11?

Kabyle locale is ready
Not sure what's the NI for Andreas is, but let's not use a tracking bug for matters relevant for single locales ;-)

The question about screenshots is better directed at Stefan, hopefully we'll manage to get one more round.
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L10n deadline has been reached, here we go for the final list

* List of locales not shipping in v5.x but currently complete:
ar, fa: still blocked by RTL support
bn-BD, bn-IN, ca, es-CL, eu, kab, ms: need explicit sign-off in dependent bugs since they are new locales

* List of locales shipping in v5.x but currently incomplete:
bg, br, da, en-GB, is, km, lt, nb-NO, rm, tl, uz
I don't think they should be dropped at this point as they are not that far behind.
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(Also, taking the ni off St3fan as screenshots have since then been updated)
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Comment on attachment 8817147 [details] [review]
PR: updating shipping_locales.txt for v6

Created an updated pull request for v6.x

Also landed a list of locales on master to make updates easier
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Attachment #8817147 - Flags: review?(francesco.lodolo)
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