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Steps to reproduce:

I would like Firefox' member opinion on the WHATWG feature request I made about case-sensitivity for input fields:

Actual results:

Reading some articles to make websites better, I saw that opquat suggest websites to show a hint to users when case lock is ON while filling a case-sensitive input. This makes sense as a lot of fields could be case sensitive: password, username, email, URL, hostnames (and maybe some others). But this also means that every website has to implement it in their own way (no standard user experience, no device-independant definition).

So for now, every website must implement the hint about case sensitivity lock in their own way (assuming that javascript can detect such behavior).

Expected results:

I think that WHATWG should add a way to tell that an input is case-sensitive. I also think that adding a simple boolean attribute for that (like <input casesensitive="casesensitive"/>) is too narrow and specific. So I suggest to add an attribute dedicated to "sensitivity" in general, allowing keywords like "case" (this input is case sensitive) or "accent" (a and à will be considered as different) or maybe "trim" (spaces at the start and end of the fields must be kept, useful when your password is auto-generated).

The hint could then be the same as for form validation: a simple tooltip containing a Firefox-defined warning text saying "This input is case sensitive" (see attached file). This would improve user experience (maybe by applying case-sensitivity by default on all password fields, so it impacts all existing websites?) and provide a standard way of telling user how an input behave.

I've opened the request on their github, but I would like to know Firefox's team opinion and get you support (or not) on the opened issue

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a year ago
And this support-and-opinion asking ticket follows the 3rd point of WHATWG process description ( ):

"Get more people involved. Ask fellow Web developers about their opinions (but remind them of step 1 above [= don't think about how this should be implemented])."


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I agree with what @domenic said in the github issue.
We already have a bug open to do implement a warning for password fields: bug 259059.
I guess we could warn for ordinary text fields as well on focus, and then remove
the warning once the user starts typing (because then it should obvious).

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a year ago
In fact, I agree too because it would not be as powerful as a new attribute, but it would be way sufficient for the vast majority of use cases (passwords are usually case sensitive, but usernames are usually not, but they're right: I'm now unsure about how UX would be improved by knowing the username is not case sensitive).
According to the conclusion  going to close this as wontfix, but let's move the UI discussion to bug 259059. Thanks for the discussion!
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