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results left offset doesn't take <toolbaritem> nodes into account


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a couple releases ago, the location bar search results dropdown was changed, and now it expands horizontally to fill the width of the screen. the results listed inside have a left offset determined by the sum of widths of items placed to the left of the location bar -- this allows the results text to line up with the location bar text ...

but the left offset doesn't take into account <toolbaritem> nodes. in troubleshooting, simply changing a <toolbaritem> to <toolbarbutton> using inspector allowed the location bar to correctly offset the search results. please reference attached image which illustrates the problem, as well as how it's supposed to align.
Right, by default we considered users putting toolbarbuttons there, we don't have a lot of toolbaritems in the palette. But we could likely support them
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Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
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