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Remove unused directory layout/svg/tests


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tl;dr: let's remove some cruft.

We have a directory layout/svg/tests, which only has a single non-automated SVG testcase (and a stylesheet for that testcase). It seems to be an early SVG demo.

This folder hasn't been touched since the year 2000...
...and it's extremely bogus. For example:

 (1) The SVG content starts with the wrong namespace:

> <svg xmlns=""
(Note this ""  namespace -- it should be" )

 (2) It doesn't render anything, as a result of (1).

 (3) It has (overlapping) Start/Stop buttons to make some sort of dynamic tweak, but if I click Start, I get "InUseAttributeError: Attribute already in use"

Let's just get rid of this directory. I mistakenly stepped into it when looking for a place to add a SVG mochitest, so it's confusing for it to be present with crufty old junk.
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fix v1: remove the files & directory

No need to worry about this directory being left empty, btw -- this patch removes the directory as well, because mercurial automatically deletes empty directories:
Attachment #8813045 - Attachment description: fix v1: remove the files → fix v1: remove the files & directory
As a sanity check to prove that nothing cares about this "test" or its directory, here's a Try run with all unit tests, on 1 platform (Mac):
(FWIW, bug 1319428 removes another unused file, and another layout/svg subdirectory ("resources"). Adding to "see also", since these are both cleaning up unused stuff in layout/svg)
See Also: → 1319428
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Remove unused & broken SVG testcase/demo from layout/svg/tests. r=longsonr
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