Tab menu last item obscured by scroll arrow, yet menu does not scroll properly (after screen resolution change)




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Screenshot showing obscured last line of menu

The tab menu does not always show the bottommost tab on the menu; instead that tab's line is obscured by the "down arrow" on the menu.  See screenshot.  In the situation shown, the menu will not scroll if I hover the mouse over the down arrow.

I think what happens here is this: I am on an external monitor much of the time, and the menu need not scroll.  When the laptop changes to its built-in monitor (I unplug the external monitor, the laptop goes to sleep, or whatever) the tab menu would become too short to show all tabs, hence it acquires the scroll arrow on the expectation that it now needs to scroll to show all tabs.  But then when I reconnect to the external monitor the arrow is not removed, yet the menu does not scroll because the monitor is big enough, hence the last line is obscured by the arrow.

The problem is not quite new, I've been seeing it for a while.  The screenshot is from 51.0a2 2016-11-14.

(The screenshot is from a camera because the tab menu does not stay open when I switch to the Grab app to get a screenshot.  Suggestions welcome.)
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