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Dev Edition (52) Keeps Hanging


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Since upgrading to 52, Dev Edition hangs every few minutes/secs.

I've disabled most of the add-on that are my usually guilty suspects but it has not improved.

about:performance goes blank when it hangs and when it recovers, all add-ons and pages are red so it's hard to diagnose.

Here are some reports I logged using Gecko profiler as per :digitarald 's recommendation:
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FWIW, I disabled all add-ons now and it seems to be significantly better. I will slowly re-enable them one by one to see which one was the guilty suspect.
The profiles support the claim that add-ons are at least partially responsible here. In these 3 profiles:

I see the main thread in the parent process doing an expensive JSON stringify as part of some ExtensionStorage work.

Our WebExtension folk might want to know about this in general, but knowing _which_ addon is causing the expensive stringify would be good.
FWIW, I _believe_ this will become far less of a problem once background scripts for WebExtensions are moved out of process (bug 1190679).
Cc'ing andym just so he's aware of the WebExtension portion of this bug report.
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Er, I meant to Cc not assign.
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(In reply to Mike Conley (:mconley) from comment #3)
> FWIW, I _believe_ this will become far less of a problem once background
> scripts for WebExtensions are moved out of process (bug 1190679).

It won't. The JSON stringification will still have to happen in the main process.
Which addons do you have? Can you provide the data from about:support, relating to add-ons please?
Ah, actually, the sanitize step would happen in the child process, yes.
It looks like this is probably caused by the Site Sonar add-on. It stores information about every network request, and then saves it to local storage every 2 minutes. As far as I can tell, the data in local storage is never cleared or truncated, and if sending data to their servers is disabled, the in-memory request data is never cleared, and is repeatedly appended to the data in storage every time the alarm fires.
This seems to be the guilty add-on. When I re-enabled it, my browser started to hang again.

This add-on was made by Asa and fpolizzi so I'll CC them here.
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See Also: → 1320186
@Alex I saw that this bug is untriaged, and i'm trying to set a component to it.
What do you think it's more suitable for this issue Toolkit:Add-ons Manager or Toolkit:WebExtensions: Compatibility?
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Version: 52 Branch → Firefox 52
@Hani, I am not familiar enough with add-on triage to know which one it should go under. I'll differ to your judgement
See Also: → 1368119
Mass-closing bugs that relate to legacy versions of add-ons or are otherwise no longer worth tracking. Please comment if you think this bug should be reopened.

Sorry for the bugspam. Made you look, though!
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