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Many users report unable to restore bookmarks from backups


(Toolkit :: Places, defect, P3)

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(Reporter: FredMcD, Unassigned)



(Keywords: dataloss)

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Build ID: 20161031153904

Steps to reproduce:

I have seen this problem several times in the support forum.
Here is the latest;
Bookmarks restore doesn't work/can't bookmark

Actual results:

Found Restore, can see a list of backup bookmark files with dates and file size, but get message "unable to process backup file."
Has STR: --- → no
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
It would be interesting to know if those backup report 0 items in the menu, and maybe get some of them, even privately.
And also if the current database is sane or corrupt, since maybe the problem is not the backup but the destination... Places Maintenance add-on can tell this.

Without one of these broken backups and that indication there's nothing to work on here...
The user is
May I suggest you contact him directly?
Another user reports same problem;
Duplicate of this bug: 1302741
Severity: normal → major
Component: Bookmarks & History → Places
Keywords: dataloss
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P3
as a side note, our system tells that the backup was corrupt even when it was able to restore everything but 1 bookmark... We should improve on that error messaging.
I have a question. Why compress the backup file?
With the problems it causes, why not just do a straight HTML copy?
how is that related to this bug? the backup is not unreadable due to the compression, it's unreadable because of the backup contents.
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