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Address FirefoxAdapter feedback from kinto.js#589


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:n1k0 in commented on a few changes I made to the FirefoxAdapter storage adapter for Kinto.js. (That PR was the one that allowed FirefoxAdapter to use an externally-managed Sqlite connection rather than creating its own; this was necessary to address feedback from bug 1253740.) :n1k0 observed that this caused two issues for FirefoxAdapter:

- It now exports _init, which is simultaneously an implementation detail AND something that callers are supposed to know that they need to use.

- FirefoxAdapter is now responsible for functioning whether or not a Sqlite connection is present. This adds a certain amount of complexity to the module. :n1k0 suggested I pick one or the other and convert existing uses.

This bug represents the work that fixes these issues.
In doing this work, I looked at the other main client of kinto.js in Gecko is blocklist-clients.js, and it mainly calls and collection.db.close(). In this approach, the Sqlite connection is internal to the Collection object. This does have a certain advantage in that 1. it's impossible to "forget" to _init the Sqlite connection (to create tables and so forth), 2. it makes the "common" case, where you don't care about the lifetime of the Sqlite connection, a little easier to manage.

An ideal API would cover all use cases to exist. So far, I haven't been able to find such an API.
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