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Cookie prompt window re-displayed for a denied site



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a year ago
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(Reporter: Eric Peterson, Unassigned)


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a year ago
I have SeaMonkey 2.40 prompt me to Allow or Deny cookies in the browser, and I typically allow session cookies from the main site, and deny cookies for unrelated sites (which look like tracking sites).  The problem is that when I press Deny for a site, the current web page may immediately request to set another cookie again for the same site I just denied, and SeaMonkey prompts me again.  Sometimes I can press Deny several times for the same site and the prompts stop.  Other times it has taken over 100 presses of Deny for the same site to get through these prompts.  Normally I use Adblock Plus, but forbes.com won't display articles unless Adblock is disabled.  Now, I'm at the page http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2014/10/01/use-mutual-funds-to-create-retirement-income/2/, and dsum.casalemedia.com (among others) wants to set a cookie so there are several cookie prompts displayed.  For site dsum.casalemedia.com I have pressed Deny more than 100 times, and I don't think this prompt will ever stop.  And yes, I always checked the box "Use my choice for all cookies from this site".

It seems that SeaMonkey does not honor the Deny choice until all cookie prompts (from several sites) at this web page are satisfied.  This means that I must Deny cookies for the same site over and over, and in this case it does not seem that it will ever stop the prompts.  There are several cookie prompt windows to other sites below this one.  I have been able to select those windows, Deny their cookies, and finally I can Deny and stop the prompts for dsum.casalemedia.com.

My suggestion is that SeaMonkey should immediately honor my cookie selection for a site, and if denied not prompt me again for that site (and close any other displayed prompt windows for the same site, if that can possibly occur).

A related problem is that I cannot close the current tab, or switch tabs, or even close SeaMonkey, as long as there is a "Confirm setting cookie" prompt shown, and if I cannot satisfy all those prompts I cannot use (or close) SeaMonkey.

SeaMonkey has been my favorite browser, and this is my only real complaint for an issue that has been going on as long as I can remember, although infrequently.  Denying cookies by site is a very useful feature.
The option 'Ask for each cookie' has been removed from Firefox / Gecko 44 in Bug 606655. Because this was a backend change which we were unable to work around this was completely removed from SeaMonkey in Bug 1235199.

If you compile locally I can send you a patch with backs the removals out but officially this is wontfix at the current time. Sorry.

Btw. I am seeing the same problems but didn't have time to look into them in my private source tree yet. I do not think this can be fixed easily. This was cited as one of the reasons why the option was removed.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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