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XBLChildrenElement::ParseAttribute doesn't delegate to its superclass


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XBLChildrenElement::ParseAttribute doesn't call nsXMLElement::ParseAttribute at the end, which means when we set class="" on an <xbl:children> element, we don't end up at Element::ParseAttribute, which means (a) we don't set NODE_MAY_HAVE_CLASS on the element, and (b) we end up storing a single class name as a string in the nsAttrValue, rather than an nsIAtom, in Element::SetAttr.

This invalidates our assertion in ClassOrClassList in ServoBindings.cpp that if the class="" attribute has a string in the nsAttrValue, that it must be pure white space.
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layout/reftests/dom/xbl-children-2.xhtml now fails, with a single "FAIL" showing, which I assume is the <xbl:children class="forced"> element.  Those elements are normally not displayed due to this rule:

Since they're just being treated as regular elements here, I guess it's not a problem to allow this.

(Oddly, when I load that test in a regular browser tab, all four FAILs show.  My guess is that's because xul.css is loaded lazily, and we don't trigger loading it based on an XBL-namespaced element.  Nearly all the other rules in that file are for XUL elements.)
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patch v2

As much as it doesn't make sense to set |display: block| on an <xbl:children> element, I don't think we should allow that to take effect.

Can we make the xbl|children rule be |display: none !important;| instead?
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Part 2: Make XBLChildrenElement::ParseAttribute delegate to its superclass.

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Part 1: Force xbl:children elements to be display:none. r=mrbkap
Part 2: Make XBLChildrenElement::ParseAttribute delegate to its superclass. r=mrbkap
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