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Crash in IPCError-browser | IndexedDB CheckPermission 1


(Core :: DOM: IndexedDB, defect, P2, critical)




Tracking Status
firefox57 --- affected
firefox58 --- affected
firefox59 --- affected


(Reporter: kanru, Unassigned)



(Keywords: crash)

Crash Data

Priority: -- → P3
Nightly 58 x64 20171013100112 de_DE @ Debian Testing
I couldn't open those per-message menus on in one chat (the largest I have) anymore, but in all other chats. I reset every pref I had, deleted cookies, website data and serviceworkers and it didn't help. But it worked in a fresh profile. Then I went back to my main profile and set dom.indexedDB.enabled;false and reloaded whatsapp and got this crash.
bp-1dc91e15-81e3-480b-99e6-a947d0171014	14.10.17 03:03
bp-5f676e16-da23-42e1-8f32-6e56b0171014	14.10.17 03:03
bp-90941cfa-d372-4c04-97c0-718390171014	14.10.17 02:59
bp-3b212958-b54e-4413-a0ad-e680d0171014	14.10.17 02:58
bp-9aadf026-2557-4ac0-a914-04d5a0171014	14.10.17 02:58
OS: Windows 8 → All
Hardware: Unspecified → All
this signature is spiking up in the past few days across channels with many comments referring to youtube as source of the crash.
I got this since Dec. 05th
Only for youtube, on Linux and Windows.
Using µBlock on both machines.

one crash report from Windows:
I also am consistently getting this bug when visiting the youtube homepage.

Looks like there is a massive spike in occurrences of this bug since early December.
I just deinstalled FF and then reinstalled it -> crash occurs again for yt
deleting my ~/.mozilla directory was the solution
I made a bug report which seems to match this error - Firefox about:config option for "dom.indexedDB.enabled" set to False.

However, sites (such as Youtube) are still creating the directory and some files for their sites.. I had to manually disallow write access to the site-data folder for Youtube, which fixed the crashes since now Firefox can't write ANYTHING to that folder.
Duplicate of this bug: 1430093
Jan, can you take a look at this crash or help find someone who can investigate? Thanks!
Flags: needinfo?(jvarga)
Andrew can you take a look at this?
Flags: needinfo?(jvarga) → needinfo?(bugmail)
Priority: P3 → P2
Luckily, I already diagnosed this in which you already assigned to :bkelly ;)

(Crash signature is already on that bug.)
Closed: Last year
Flags: needinfo?(bugmail)
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1450160
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