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Contacts sidebar: Implement Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut to edit the properties of selected AND focused contact (ux-consistency with TB address book and MAC default shortcut for "Properties")


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, enhancement)

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(Keywords: ux-consistency, ux-efficiency, Whiteboard: [Fixed by bug 1322032])


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #998312 +++

For all the reasons mentioned in Bug 998312 (with much detail), we surely also want to offer this keyboard shortcut to users:

Ctrl+I on selected and focused contact/list in contact side bar
--> Edit contact/list properties

Cmd/Ctrl+I is the MAC default shortcut for properties (like Alt+Enter on Windows/Linux).
We also offer both shortcuts in ABView of main AB (Directory pane needs to be done).
And those shortcuts can never do anything else on a selected and focused contact because that would violate the standards.

Richard, can I please have a thumbs-up...
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This makes sense to be consistent.
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Simple fix (tested working locally on Windows)...

> function contactsListOnKeyPress(aEvent)
> {
>   switch (aEvent.key) {
>     case "Enter":
>       if (aEvent.altKey) {
>         goDoCommand("cmd_properties");
>       }
      case "i":
        if (aEvent.ctrlKey) {

Not sure how to fix this for MAC, but fixing for Windows also helps...
Depends on: 1319409
Assignee: nobody → bugzilla2007
Severity: normal → enhancement
Depends on: 1320475
Simple Fix!

Can even be landed at any time, those four lines don't hurt much.
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Attachment #8815896 - Flags: review?(richard.marti)
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Patch: Ctrl+I for contacts sidebar item properties

Looks good and simplicity of code should allow me to r+

ui-r isn't needed on this change.
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Attachment #8815896 - Flags: review?(richard.marti)
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I fixed this in a better way in bug 1322032.

+  <keyset id="keyset_abContactsPanel">
+    <!-- This key (key_delete) does not trigger any command, but it is used
+         only to show the hotkey on the corresponding menuitem. -->
+    <key id="key_delete" keycode="VK_DELETE"/>
+#ifdef XP_MACOSX
+    <key id="key_properties" modifiers="accel" key="&propertiesCmd.key;" command="cmd_properties"/>
+    <key id="key_properties" modifiers="alt" keycode="VK_RETURN" command="cmd_properties"/>
+    <key id="key_properties2" modifiers="accel" key="&propertiesCmd.key;" command="cmd_properties"/>    <!-- Ctrl+I -->
+  </keyset>

So on Windows and Linux, for maximum convenience we allow both, Alt+Enter (Windows platform shortcut for properties) and Ctrl+I (Mac platform shortcut for properties).

I think someone mentioned that Alt+Enter is used for something else on MAC, or at least it might be, so MAC only has Ctrl+I.
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Whiteboard: [Fixed by bug 1322032]
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So the last piece in the ux-consistency puzzle of cmd_properties keyboard shortcuts is bug 1319040, Alt+Enter for directory pane of AB.
See Also: → 1319040
Depends on: 1322032
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