windows build machines loaners don't have the required libraries installed by default to build



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2 years ago
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2 years ago
I have been using b-2008-ec2-kmoir2 for testing some patches.

However, the default state of the machine doesn't have the correct libraries required to compile a build

Specifically, it's missing the current version of Mozilla Build an Visual Studio Community edition required to make mach build work

Is there a reason the these packages aren't installed by default?

I installed them manually on my loaner to move forward with my work
I compared Mozilla Build version from a loaner and a production machine (the latter is usually created from the latest AMI, which gets puppetized during the process): C:\mozilla-build\VERSION shows v.1.9.0 for both of them.

Things are similar for the Visual Studio version: I'm only able to see Visual Studio 2013 in both cases. Taking a look at the logs for a random build running on such an instance, it appears that is downloaded from tooltool if not present in a local cache.   

04:45:36     INFO -  INFO - File not present in local cache folder c:/builds/tooltool_cache
04:45:36     INFO -  INFO - Attempting to fetch from ''...
04:45:46     INFO -  INFO - File fetched from as c:\builds\moz2_slave\m-in-w64-000000000000000000000\build\src\tmppf4vgx

There is also work in bug 1307855 to apply puppet config to our b-2008 loaners.

@Kim: do you thing anything else is needed here?
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a year ago
I don't know if something changed since I received my loaner.  In any case, if the vs 2015 is installed on the loaner now, that is great.  That wasn't the case when I received my loaner.
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I'll close this for now, please feel free to re-open if needed.
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