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"Undo close tab" functionality doesn't properly handle being deactivated


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Firefox 53
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(Reporter: JanH, Assigned: JanH)



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1. Make sure you haven't got any "Recently closed" tabs by clearing history, manually deleting the relevant files or whatever.
2. Set browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to 0 and restart Firefox.
3. Play some media with audio, e.g. a Youtube video.
4. Close the tab.

1. Tab closes and video playback stops.

1. Tab closes in the UI, however video playback is still audible in the background.

The problem seems to be that the code for preparing the snackbar never expects the closedTabData sent by the session store to be empty (, so the uncaught exception then interrupts the remainder of browser.js's closed tab handling.

There's also a related problem in that the closed tab data is only updated when browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo is > 0. If the user sets this to 0, we stop updating the list of recently closed tabs but don't clear it, either. In combination with the tab restore setting set to "Always restore" this means that those old closed tabs can be preserved indefinitely until the user eventually clears the browsing history. This means that if a user closes a tab with max_tabs_undo = 0 but some recently closed tabs still around, the "Undo close tab" snackbar that appears will refer to the last tab the user closed before setting max_tabs_undo to 0.
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Bug 1320550 - Part 1 - Only try showing the "Undo close tab" snackbar if we actually have some closed tab data.
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Bug 1320550 - Part 2 - Clear closed tabs when max_tabs_undo is set to 0.
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Part 1 - Only try showing the "Undo close tab" snackbar if we actually have some closed tab data. r=sebastian
Part 2 - Clear closed tabs when max_tabs_undo is set to 0. r=sebastian
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Seems to affect all versions. Worth uplifting?
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It's only affecting people that have been digging around in about:config, but at since the effect is still rather bad, at least Part 1 is certainly worth uplifting, especially given how trivial the fix is. Part 2 doesn't seem that urgent, but having it land sooner could still be nice.

So basically, yes. :-)
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Okay, in this case it can ride the trains (about:config is not really supported).
Hello, I've verified this using LG G4 (Android 6.0).
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