./mach mercurial-setup fails with hg.mozilla.org has unexpected fingerprint



2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: mconley, Unassigned)



I just tried to run ./mach mercurial-setup on my Windows 7 box, and I got this:

$ ./mach mercurial-setup
Ensuring https://hg.mozilla.org/hgcustom/version-control-tools is up to date at c:/Users/mconley/.mozbuild\version-control-tools
pulling from https://hg.mozilla.org/hgcustom/version-control-tools
abort: certificate for hg.mozilla.org has unexpected fingerprint 73:7f:ef:ab:68:0f:49:3f:88:91:f0:b7:06:69:fd:8f:f2:55:c9:56
(check hostfingerprint configuration)
Error running mach:


The error occurred in code that was called by the mach command. This is either
a bug in the called code itself or in the way that mach is calling it.

You should consider filing a bug for this issue.

If filing a bug, please include the full output of mach, including this error

The details of the failure are as follows:

CalledProcessError: Command '[u'c:\\mozilla-build\\python\\Scripts\\hg.exe', '--config', 'extensions.bzexport=!', '--config', 'extensions.bzpost=!', '--config', 'extensions.firefoxtree=!', '--config',
 'extensions.hgwatchman=!', '--config', 'extensions.mozext=!', '--config', 'extensions.mqext=!', '--config', 'extensions.qimportbz=!', '--config', 'extensions.push-to-try=!', '--config', 'extensions.r
eviewboard=!', 'pull', 'https://hg.mozilla.org/hgcustom/version-control-tools']' returned non-zero exit status 255

  File "c:\Users\mconley\mozilla\mozilla-central\python/mozboot/mozboot/mach_commands.py", line 67, in mercurial_setup
    bootstrap.configure_mercurial(hg, self._context.state_dir)
  File "c:\Users\mconley\mozilla\mozilla-central\python/mozboot\mozboot\bootstrap.py", line 305, in configure_mercurial
    vct_dir = update_vct(hg, root_state_dir)
  File "c:\Users\mconley\mozilla\mozilla-central\python/mozboot\mozboot\bootstrap.py", line 298, in update_vct
    vct_dir, '@')
  File "c:\Users\mconley\mozilla\mozilla-central\python/mozboot\mozboot\bootstrap.py", line 347, in update_mercurial_repo
    subprocess.check_call(args, cwd=cwd)
  File "c:\mozilla-build\python\lib\subprocess.py", line 540, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
This smells like a duplicate. If it isn't, I know this was discussed and I thought addressed.
Summary: ./mach mercurial-setup on Windows raises CalledProcessError → ./mach mercurial-setup fails with hg.mozilla.org has unexpected fingerprint
Even if it is a dupe, this is still an open issue: the code in python/mozboot/mozboot/bootstrap.py doesn't set the fingerprints for hg.mozilla.org when cloning/pulling v-c-t. So if old fingerprints are pinned, you may get a mismatch.
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