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[12:57] <        bc> known issue on staging with 503 Service Unavailable posting to 
[13:54] <&     wlach> bc: no, let me take a look
[13:54] <&     wlach> thanks for bringing it up
[14:02] <&     wlach> bc: could you file a bug? I need to run but I see the problem -- you are 
          submitting a new reference data signature, so it's trying to update the exclusion 
          profiles, but that operation is timing out
[14:03] <&     wlach> I think we might be able to get around that by switching to identifying 
          exclusion profiles by id instead of hash
Looking at new relic, it seem like it's timing out in update_flat_exclusions() in treeherder/model/ (around line 575)

I don't think this is a new problem, but we evidently need to make this operation faster somehow. Perhaps switching from matching on hash strings to integers might help. I'll investigate tomorrow.
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2 years ago
I think bc is submitting to both stage and prod, so if this wasn't a new problem, it would be affecting both?

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2 years ago
I am currently burning in some new Pixel devices and checking out their behavior on all of the tests I have defined. See:

I haven't run the full Mochitest or Reftest suites in some time.
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Another failure

I did some more investigation and it looks like it failed in another spot here, though I doubt it has anything to do with the specific operation (rather than it just randomly timing out here because the operation takes too long). It looks like we're basically rewriting the flat exclusion profile information for *every* repository, even if a new type of job is only added to one.

I think we ought to just do away with storing "flat exclusion profiles" in the database altogether. If you know the project + exclusion profile name you want, this information can be retrieved fairly quickly as part of another get operation.
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[treeherder] wlach:1320805 > mozilla:master
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[treeherder] wlach:1320805 > mozilla:master

I'm pretty sure this should fix the problem. See PR for details.

We probably want to land this in stages -- the db migration should wait until we're sure we don't want to back out.
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[treeherder] wlach:1320805 > mozilla:master

Sorry for the delay. This looks fine to me, though I'm less familiar with the nuances of the exclusion profile handling than Cameron.

The PR will need rebasing to update the migration name/dependency, since there are new migrations on master since.
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2 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1320805 - Create per-project exclusion lists on-demand

The way we had written things, a "flat exclusion" information (which
is essentially just a cache) had to be rewritten for *every* repository
on submission of a new job, even though the new job would apply to
only one repository. Let's fix this by just calculating this information
on demand (most of the time this should be very fast, as we already
store the final data in memcache)
Bug 1320805 - Remove flat exclusion column from db
Seems to be working well on stage, will make it to production on next deploy.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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