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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Bug 1320312 broke Windows builds using default configuration settings (read: no mozconfig) for several days.

New contributors and many non-niche developers perform builds with the default configuration. When this configuration breaks, it can be extremely disruptive.

I think we should have CI coverage for no-mozconfig build configurations. There's no need to run tests: just a smoketest that the build completes.

Note: depending on how bug 1245969 evolves, testing for `mach bootstrap` may entail doing a build as well. However, we won't do bootstrap testing on every push. So we probably still want a separate build task for the no-mozconfig configuration.

ted: I'm flagging you for needinfo to see if there's anything we can do to align the default crashreporting/profiling/stackwalking settings with what they are in CI today. Every item that differs between CI and local builds represents potential for surprises and lost productivity. If you find anything, please file a new bug and have it depend on bug 1320312.
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I think we could make --enable-profiling the default, and have the beta and release mozconfigs --disable-profiling, instead of what we currently do (--enable-profiling for nightly+aurora). Historically --enable-profiling just made sure we built with a framepointer enabled, but I guess it has grown in scope over the years.
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Wouldn't bug 1320312 happen on beta too? Then this bug becomes "m-c-as-beta" should be automated (and we should also have the same for "m-c-as-aurora")


4 months ago
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