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Remove legacy generator from dom/.


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If the code fits into async function and also it's test code, replaced legacy generator with async function.
for other cases, just replaced legacy generator with ES6 generator.

some notes:
* dom/archivereader/test/helpers.js
  all testSteps can be normal function, not generator
  so just removed |testGenerator|

* dom/archivereader/test/test_basic.html
* dom/archivereader/test/test_nonUnicode.html
* dom/archivereader/test/test_zip_in_zip.html
  removed unnecessary |yield| to make it normal function

* dom/base/test/browser_use_counters.js
  Task.async can be rewritten with async simply, by replacing yield to await

* dom/base/test/referrer_helper.js
  ES6 generator doesn't throw StopIteration, so we can just remove final yield

* dom/base/test/test_bug544642.html
  ES6 generator doesn't have |send|, but |next| receives a value

* dom/base/test/test_bug682592.html
  ES6 generator returns object with done property is true when it returns
  so changed try-catch check to done property check

* dom/browser-element/mochitest/browserElement_ActiveStateChange.js
  this case |runTests| fits into async, since setCommand can return promise
  that is resolved when it's done

  not related to this bug tho, just changed removeEventListener to {once: true} parameter of addEventListener

* dom/html/test/test_anchor_ping.html
  all tests are generator, so we can just do |yield*|

* dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_domWindowUtils.html
  waiting for single shot eventlistener can be done by a Promise that resolves when the event is fired.
  so removed |next| function and just await for the promise.

  SimpleTest.executeSoon done at the 1st test looks like intended to wait between 2 tests, so moved it to runner.
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Remove legacy generator from dom/.

Make sure we run as many test assertions with and without this patch.
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