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Remove legacy generator from testing/.


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Just replaced legacy generator with ES6 generator.
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Remove legacy generator from testing/.

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Thanks, this looks good!  We actually have a similar patch for the generator functions under testing/marionette in progress, but this isn’t an issue.

The patch is missing the bug number in the commit message, and the testing/mochitest changes should be in a separate commit.  Once you have fixed these things, please feel free to land.
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Tooru, would there be any issues with uplifting this patches to esr52? I'm asking because I have a dozen of commits across bugs to uplift and this is causing merge conflicts. Having it uplifted would help me a lot.
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Maybe also asking Joel given that he has the overview of the tests.
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I don't see any problem with this being uplifted, it seems like if it does cause problems we could easily fix those as well.
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Thank you Joel. So lets try to get this test-only patch uplifted.
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