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API request for read/write access to about:config


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Steps to reproduce:

My extension currently can't be ported to WebExtensions. This extension uses about:config to customize security/privacy/display options (network.dns.disablePrefetch, signon.autofillForms, geo.enabled, and 30 others). I provide buttons to enable/disable them on the fly.

Actual results:

I read in the FAQ ( that you plan to implement APIs for each feature, instead of providing an access to about:config.

However, with the planned removal of old extensions (, I'm quite sure that by the end of 2017, all specific security/privacy/display APIs I need won't be implemented.

Expected results:

So, with the announcement of old extensions removal, do you plan to change your ideas, and provide an API to access to about:config?
Otherwise, customization extensions will directly go to the trash with Firefox version 57.

If anyone (me) spends time implementing an about:config API with WE Experiments (, will it be merged in Firefox Stable?
Otherwise, if we already know this about:config API will be rejected, there is no need to spend time developing it.

Thank you.
As you've already read in the FAQ, this is something that we don't plan to support.
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