Proxy config remembered only if one enables storing logins GLOBALLY




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Steps to reproduce:

Entered a proxy configuration. Told Firefox to remember it.

Actual results:

It did not remember it - until I discovered, eventually, that I had to enable Firefox's password manager. *Then* what happened is that Firefox offered to store logins for *all* sites, even though I have another password manager.

Expected results:

At best, I am misunderstanding something, and Firefox needs to forestall this misunderstanding. At worst, Firefox is setup in a way that I fear I must call both stupid and pernicious, in that it won't allow proxy credentials to be saved without enabling global password management. This is, for one thing, a security problem.


3 years ago
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7 months ago
I can confirm this happening to me. I tried all sorts of things to make it so I didn't have to constantly put in the username and password for my VPN... Eventually I tried enabling the "ask to remember passwords" option and going to the URL of my proxy. Then and only then was my proxy login saved. However it still pops up the dialog despite the "do not prompt" option being checked:
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