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Android support for UVC/v4l2 devices with getUserMedia and the MediaDevices API




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Steps to reproduce:

Use any `getUserMedia()` and/or MediaDevices API test, such as, on Android.  I've tried two Galaxy S4 devices with different versions of Android, and a Galaxy S6.  Have a standard UVC USB video device attached (such as the Logitech C920 webcam).

Actual results:

Front/back cameras on the device are available to the web page, but the UVC device is not.

Expected results:

It would be a very nice feature to have UVC devices available to web pages.
Gian is this expected behavior?
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This is expected behavior in the sense that the WebRTC code only supports devices available via the Android Cameras API. I don't even see any guarantee that V4L/UVC can be depended on being available in any Android version or is in any way an official API. If Android supports V4L/UVC Cameras officially at some point I would expect it to expose them via the Cameras API as well, at which point they'll work in Firefox for Android.

We might take patches for this but I doubt we'll do any effort whatsoever in supporting it.
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Summary: Support for UVC/v4l2 devices with getUserMedia and the MediaDevices API → Android support for UVC/v4l2 devices with getUserMedia and the MediaDevices API
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I would think this is a "nice-to-have" feature. Does Android/Chrome support this? What do you think?
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2 years ago
Not to speak for mchiang, but I do agree that this would be a nice-to-have feature.  It's not critical, but would bring Firefox Android to feature parity with Firefox Desktop in this area.

Chrome on Android does not support this functionality to date.  I intend to submit a similar feature request there if I can figure out where to do it.  I came to Firefox first as Firefox has always typically been ahead of Chrome on media functionality.
Just wondering how many android devices kernel have fully support V4L/UVC.
Since V4L/UVC is not mandatory for Android, it is depending on each OEM's implementation.
For security reason, v4l2 driver access may be limited to mediaserver process.
That would be a problem too.
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