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move crash-stats to .org


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Is there a good reason not to choose one over the other and stick to it with redirects?

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Assignee: nobody → miles
Peter has said that Google Analytics does not reflect the accurate crash-stats traffic because many users use, which does not have GA enabled.
Tweaking the summary because it seemed the right thing to do at the time.
Summary: Move crash-stats to .com or .com → Move crash-stats to .com or .org
Concrete points:

* Fixing this would "merge" all traffic from both domains in on Google Analytics account
* There's a general common "trend" in the organization to use .org for sites/apps. E.g.
* about:crashes has "" hardcoded
* The breakpad URL uses so not applicable.
We can change the in browser things, too, though it will take a long time to roll out
We don't use Google Analytics anymore, so all the GA parts of this issue are moot now.

Alexis is making changes to about:crashes, so we could take this opportunity to switch those urls from .com to .org. If we do that, our plan should be "we're done with in 2 years" or something similar, but it has to be with conviction.

I'm +1 on switching to with conviction. Is there a good reason not to?

The URL in Breakpad can be changed too but it'll take a few years until the .com dies out.
breakpad uses I think we should spin changing that to a different bug since we can do it independently and it involves a bunch of different non-overlapping work.
Depends on: 1548888
Blocks: 1548725
No longer blocks: 1548725
Depends on: 1548725

Just to update the status on this bug because suddenly it's getting a bunch of attention.

This bug explicitly covers crash-stats and NOT crash-reports. We're leaving that as is for now and any work done on crash-reports would get done in a new bug.

We're crash-stats switching to .org. There was some discussion a couple of years ago about whether to go one way or the other. I should have updated the summary when we decided. I'm updating it now.

Last summer, Alexis changed about:config in the browser to use .org links. That was something we needed to do before doing anything else.

Currently, .org and .com links both work--we're not doing redirects.

We don't have to worry about Google Analytics since we don't really use it. We don't have to worry about redirecting POSTs because scripts shouldn't be POSTing to Socorro.

The next step is to update the code in Socorro to use the .org links. This is low priority work--there have been a lot of other things that have been more pressing. Given that, I'm making this bug a P3.

After that, we just live with both domains for a while and maybe sunset .com at some point in the far future.

Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Move crash-stats to .com or .org → move crash-stats to .org

Oops... I thought Alexis did the change, but actually it was Gabriele in bug #618185.

See Also: → 1550024
Assignee: miles → nobody

We did the needed changes in Socorro a while back in bug #1550028.

We're ready to change crash-STATS.mozilla.COM to redirect to crash-STATS.mozilla.ORG.

While this is low-priority, it's probably a good thing to do soon so that time can begin eroding all the .COM things.

Assignee: nobody → bpitts
Component: Infra → Operations: Socorro
Product: Socorro → Cloud Services
Closed: 4 years ago
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