Move crash-stats to .com or .org

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Is there a good reason not to choose one over the other and stick to it with redirects?

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Peter has said that Google Analytics does not reflect the accurate crash-stats traffic because many users use, which does not have GA enabled.
Tweaking the summary because it seemed the right thing to do at the time.
Summary: Move crash-stats to .com or .com → Move crash-stats to .com or .org
Concrete points:

* Fixing this would "merge" all traffic from both domains in on Google Analytics account
* There's a general common "trend" in the organization to use .org for sites/apps. E.g.
* about:crashes has "" hardcoded
* The breakpad URL uses so not applicable.

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2 years ago
We can change the in browser things, too, though it will take a long time to roll out
We don't use Google Analytics anymore, so all the GA parts of this issue are moot now.

Alexis is making changes to about:crashes, so we could take this opportunity to switch those urls from .com to .org. If we do that, our plan should be "we're done with in 2 years" or something similar, but it has to be with conviction.

I'm +1 on switching to with conviction. Is there a good reason not to?

The URL in Breakpad can be changed too but it'll take a few years until the .com dies out.
breakpad uses I think we should spin changing that to a different bug since we can do it independently and it involves a bunch of different non-overlapping work.
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