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Steps to reproduce:

Using a non-qwerty keyboard layout messes up the hotkeys. Some use keycode, other use label on keyboard. Thus, my `ctrl+c` and `ctrl+w` overlap.

Windows 10, using firefox 48.0.2.

Actual results:

In the url input bar, it uses qwerty hotkeys. Otherwise, it uses both. `ctrl+(w on my layout)` closes the window, while all other hotkeys seem to use keycodes, i.e. qwerty button positions. This is a problem since my `w` is where qwerty puts `c` so qwerty `ctrl+c` both closes the window, and copies whatever is selected. I have tried changing the layout to one where c and w don't overlap to confirm. `ctrl+w` seems to be the only hotkey that follows keyboard layout; the other ones use keycodes.

Expected results:

Either one, but not both. Probably, ctrl+w should follow keycodes as well, since everything else does.


2 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Keyboard Navigation
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