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dockerize the repo


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let's put parts of the current repo into docker. at least the webapp and supporting data stores. the other components are targets of opportunity
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I'm going to adjust the scope of this a bit.

There are several use cases here:

1. we need to build docker containers for the webapp and middleware which will be the units of deploy using the dockerflow methodology

2. we the people, in order to form more perfect websites, would like a dev environment that works

Antenna's docker stuff serves both use cases. The stuff I did in the secret socorro-zero place only did item 2.

I'll definitely tackle item 1 and ping Miles and Daniel to make sure it's good stuff. I'll try to tackle item 2, too. Further, it'd be cool to dockerize the other pieces, too, so I'll try to do that, too.
Over the last couple of weeks, I did a ton of work on this in this PR:

I landed that just now.

Is it perfect? No. But it's a good baseline we can build off of and it's parallel to everything else so it doesn't affect deploys, existing Travis CI stuff, developer workflows, or anything else.

That PR creates docker infrastructure to support the following two use cases:

1. Miles building dockerflow-based parallel universe for Socorro infrastructure

2. Will, Adrian, and Peter using docker for local development

I think there are a few bugs, but generally it seems like it works and any issues we discover can be fixed in future bugs/PRs/etc.

Given that, I'm marking this as FIXED.
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