Cannot copy paste part of an email that I've hit reply to into a new email window



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Steps to reproduce:

Hit reply to an email with several previous responses. Copied a section of the email. Tried to paste it into a new email window. It won't work. It does work if you copy the whole of the first email exchange and then paste into the new window. Then you can delete the bit you didn't want to paste, but tedious. 

If you load up Word or anything else and paste, it does copy, so 'copy' is working, but not 'paste' in this instance.

Actual results:

Ctrl-V, Paste, did not nothing.

Expected results:

It should have pasted a section of the email I copied. If you load up Word or anything else and paste, it does copy. So it is going to the clipboard.
happens also in safe mode?
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Comment 2

a year ago
Can you supply/attach a sample e-mail and tell us exactly which bit need to be copied for the paste to fail.

You could also install the add-on ThunderHTMLedit and inspect the HTML of the message into which you pasted. Perhaps what you pasted is invisible.

Or you could paste to the Midas demo at:

From your problem description we have no hint what to look for.
sorry, we can't proceed without responses to comment 2
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