Firefox becomes almost unusable after very little time under 'normal' use




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I don't know how to better file this bug, guidance would be appreciated.

After very little time, Firefox (Nightly, but I also experience this using Release) becomes barely usable for me, on my 3-year old i7 Dell XPS12 with 8gb memory and 256gb SSD, running Windows 10. By barely-usable, I mean it starts taking up about 75% of CPU (actually hovering between 50 and 90) and there are often long UI hitches. Watching videos and generally doing anything becomes painful.

My work-load is 6 pinned tabs of GMail, Facebook, Tweetdeck, GoDaddy mail, WhatsApp and IRCCloud. I then have an additional few tabs open that are usually short-lived. In the attached profile, I have 1 active tabs open,

I use LastPass (4.x) and uBlock Origin.

Attached is a profile taken while my browser is in this state - I'm doing nothing at this point, with the Facebook tab visible.

For the record, all other major browsers handle this workload more admirably, with the same add-ons.
Hello, I'm asking your help with an experiment with making decisions on bugs. You've been needinfo'ed on this bug. I'd like you to take one action to help this bug make progress toward a decision. The things you can do include:

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Thank you for your help with this. If you have questions, please contact
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I believe we should just close this out, as this bug was filed 6 months ago and nightly is in a very different state at the moment. Chris: If you can reproduce this using the latest 56 nightly, please feel to reopen and I will find someone to take a look at your profile. Thanks for filing it.
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