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Add support for DescriptionStyleType


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This property allows descriptions to have very simple markup defined using XML. The supported tags are "url", "match", and "dim".

"url" - give the text a blue URL appearance
"match" makes the text bold
"dim" - makes the text grey.

Aside from the "url" tag, which always takes precedence, nested tags should inherit properties from their parents. For example, if the description is "<dim><match>search</match> <url></url></dim>", "search" should be grey and bold, while "" should only appear like a URL and not inherit the properties from "dim".

Valid but unrecognized tags should be ignored. If the XML is malformed an informative error should be thrown.
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I think that this should be looked at sooner, rather than later, because it will be a breaking change and it will hurt less before 57. A possibility would be to accept a descriptionPlain property that will take priority over description, to make writing a Chromium-compatible WebExtension simpler as then you can always escape description without it appearing mangled in Firefox until it starts parsing the XML.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1525545
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