"Offline version" snackbar is displayed when device is very low on power and in battery saving mode




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I've noticed this on my Moto X Play when device is very low on power (1-3% or so). Snackbar is displayed, but pages seem to be (need to confirm this) loading properly. Data is available (wifi and/or cell). Snackbar disappears once device is charging and exists battery saving mode.
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11 months ago
Tested this on an older Samsung device running 4.3, and I can't reproduce this behaviour.

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10 months ago
Flagging this for triage. Offline browsing is now enabled for the whole population, so it would be good to fix up these edge cases.
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[triage] doubt this may relate to Android OS design/phone manufaturer's implementation about power saving mode/connectivity, we would like to see if this still happens in an newer OS/device  

Hi Inoana:

Would you help check if this issue can be repro. with the latest Google device (so w/ the native Android OS)? Thanks.
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10 months ago
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9 months ago
Using Pixel XL - Android 7.1.2 I was not able to see the behavior mentioned in description while
- battery 2%,3&
- save battery mode on
Grisha - can you reproduce this still on your Moto x Play?
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I don't have that device anymore, unfortunately - but at the time the issue was consistently reproducible and I don't believe this code changed since... So likely it still is.

I'll try to reproduce this on a Galacxy S6, which I do have handy, and will report back.
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8 months ago
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3 months ago
Hey Mihai, can you try this on S6 please?
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3 months ago
Hi Ioana,Grisha

I've tried the scenario mentioned above on a Samsung S6 EDGE (Android 7.0) with power at 3%, 5% and 1% and could not reproduce the snackbar trigger. 
Please note that I've tried it with battery saving on and after repeated tries the same result could be observed: the pages opened correctly with no snackbar trigger.  

This was tested on 59.0b3, 58.0(build 2)
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