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History results should not be re-sorted while clicking on items in the list (add a button to refresh)


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Steps to reproduce:

Clicked a history item in the sidebar which was sorted by last visit

Actual results:

They all rearranged

Expected results:

Should not have rearranged.
It's no good saying this is intended, since resorting renders the history bar completely useless. When you want to find an item you've recently visited, you sort the history by last visited, you then need to click down a good number to find the item you're after. But if the items rearrange every tiime you click one, the simple task becomes so aggravating and frustrating it is transformed into a hair-pulling nightmare.
What needs to happen is that the history items when you click one should NOT rearrange, but stay fixed. When an item is browsed on the web page, *then* it should rearrange.
For extra measure you might want a history item you've recently clicked on the history bar - or the last item clicked there - to be highlighted (perhaps make that a config option) to aid the process of working down a history to find an item;
or perhaps also have a toggle button to fix the list temporarily (however I think the initial comments should cover it).
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
Priority: -- → P5
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Good idea. Each click of a link there does not take you back to the top. It should of course be added to its appropriate position within History (which would be the top in sort by Last Visited) but it should stay wherever you were currently viewing it at the time of link click.

The workaround I currently use is to open a Private window. Private windows don't edit history but you can view the history there. So you can click links from history all you want there but there would be no change in history panel .

s/link there does not/link there should not in above comment.

Summary: History Sorts → History should not be sorted
Keywords: dupeme
Whiteboard: [DUPEME]
Summary: History should not be sorted → History results should not be re-sorted while clicking on items in the list (add a button to refresh)
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