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[l10n] locale content missing from the TKBs

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Lithium Migration
a year ago
a year ago


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a year ago
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Comment 1

a year ago
Can you give us some examples of messages from https://support.mozilla.org who should be in these categories for investigation?

Comment 2

a year ago
(In reply to Musa from comment #1)
> Can you give us some examples of messages from https://support.mozilla.org
> who should be in these categories for investigation?

Hi Musa,



(you can click through to see single articles in that branch of the content tree)

Comment 3

a year ago
Hey Musa,

Probably the easiest summary is that everything that is non-english went into an archive version of the structure.  The content is on the migration site, just not in the right location.

To see that the content was migrated at all,German example. http://migration26.stage.lithium.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?filter=location&q=firefox&location=category:de

To see that they are in an Archive area, just reverse through the bread crumb of any article.  Previous migrations, it looked correct.  For some reason only this run did this (we think at least).

Comment 4

a year ago
All uncategorized messages we migrate in Documents Archive (http://migration26.stage.lithium.com/t5/Documents-Archive/tkb-p/documents-archive) or Questions Archive (http://migration26.stage.lithium.com/t5/Questions-Archive/bd-p/question-archive) it depends on the message type.
I checked several messages from different boards in the examples above and I found that they have not topic ids (I followed the lates wiki_document mapping logic). This means that they will migrate every time in these categories. To fix this we need to add them in board mapping. The easy way to do is to complete the tables wiki_document_topics and wiki_document_products for all messages.

Comment 5

a year ago
Using the English parent id as a map, the results look like this and can be fixed in the next run.

22667 messages was categorized
5888 still not categorized because they have no parents or their parents are not categorized too.

Latter will remain in archive.

Comment 6

a year ago
Initial review looks like the content is appearing in the correct places now.



Will continue to sanity check others.  Since all the EN containers were cloned to create the other language structure, not all nodes look like they will have content for all languages.  Seems like that is expected and would need confirmation from Mozilla.
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Comment 7

a year ago
Thank you for fixing the migration issue and confirming, Scott.

Yes, some nodes may be empty due to missing content. This is expected.
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Comment 8

a year ago
Michal, is this fixed?
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Comment 9

a year ago
Looks fixed to me.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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