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Bookmarks to include URL link under the website or not


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For bookmarks, should there be a link under the website?  

For desktop bookmarks, there is no link under each bookmark, so users can read them fast.

But with URL Link below, it provides more information to users.

Actions: Need more research and discussion.
Thanks for filing this Rachelle!

I think Mobile and Desktop are fundamentally very different beasts to design for. 

It's interesting that there's a perception of reading "faster" with less information. But I'd like to see this phrased in the form of a user problem so there's a clear goal behind removing the URL. It's slightly difficult to measure/ read into reading speed of users.

I'm more than happy to revisit this with Jack and Tori too.
One major difference - on Desktop the screen width is large enough that the URL is at least still displayed to the right of the page title [1].
Phones on the other hand are small enough that even in landscape mode it's not that uncommon to see page titles filling the whole available screen width, so if you want to show the URL, there's not much choice [2] besides displaying it in a separate line.

[1] I still don't really like the changed default appearance on desktop because the URL no longer appears in a consistent location, but instead wobbles around depending on the title lengths, but I don't think that's really relevant here.
[2] Okay, you could truncate the title to show part of the URL in the same line, but in portrait mode that's still hopeless and even in landscape you'd probably have to truncate quite a bit in order to have a sensible amount of space for part of the URL.
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