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Page doesn't display content on major banking website


(Firefox for iOS :: Browser, defect, P2)

iOS 10



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fxios-v6.0 --- affected
fxios-v7.0 --- affected
fxios 11.2 ---


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iOS 10.x
latest master/ 6.0 b7

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Expected: The login page should be properly displayed.

Result: The page is grey with no content in it.

Not reproducible on Safari/Chrome running on iOS 10.x. Also not reproducible on Firefox running on iOS 9.x
Summary: [iOS 10.x]Login page not displayed on specific site → [iOS 10.x]Login frame not displayed on specific site
Investigate to see how critical this bug is. Might be related to about: pages we've had issues in the past with.
This bug has to do with readermode.js and the checkReadability() method. If you disable this script the page works fine.
Assignee: nobody → fpatel
Iteration: --- → 1.12
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [mobileCore]
Iteration: 1.12 → 1.13
Iteration: 1.13 → 1.14
Attached file Pull Request
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Iteration: 1.14 → 1.15
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Pull Request

Looks good, except it'll be a pain to manually recreate this reader worker every time something changes in the readability repo. Ideally we can figure out a way to inject the script directly; otherwise, maybe we can create a build script that generates this file from the readability source.
Attachment #8829932 - Flags: review?(bnicholson) → feedback+
Whiteboard: [mobileCore] → [MobileCore]
Iteration: 1.15 → 1.16
Iteration: 1.16 → ---
Priority: P1 → P3
Rank: 2
Assignee: fpatel → nobody
Currently, in iOS 11/latest master, the page keeps reloading without displaying any content.
Priority: P3 → P2
Summary: [iOS 10.x]Login frame not displayed on specific site → Page doesn't display content on major banking website
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