Context menu submenu child items should inherit? the contexts from parent by default

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While working on bug 1316020, Blake noticed that child items of a submenu don't show up if you don't specify the context.  According to our current docs (and implementation), the default context if omitted is "page", which Kris thinks we should change.

My current best idea is:
 - if the menu item has a parent,
 - and it doesn't have an explicit context set,
 - but the parent has
 - the child menu item should inherit the context.

Not sure how likely this change is to break existing extensions.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1266455
Hey Andy, you meant to WONTFIX this in bug 1266455 comment 6.  Wanna double-check this?
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My main concern was breaking the compat. with Chrome for something that could be specified manually. If I read this correctly, if you specify it all manually correctly it all works well. It's just the default case where its not specified that would be good to get right.

I took a bit more time to read this and had a quick play around and it sounds like whilst your suggestion is different from Chrome, it is a perfectly reasonable and sane solution. Perhaps I was too hasty in my comment on bug 1266455. This solution in comment 0 seems reasonable to me.
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Bug 1324429 - Context menu items without contexts should inherit it from their parent.
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There shouldn't be any compatibility issues. The current default context is "all", which works the same as this approach for in-page context menus. The only place where it makes a difference is in things like tab and page_action menus.
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Context menu items without contexts should inherit it from their parent. r=kmag
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I've updated:

Please let me know if this covers it.
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Looks great, thanks Will.
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