Crash occurs after closing and opening multiple message windows



17 years ago
14 years ago


(Reporter: chrispetersen, Assigned: sspitzer)


Mac System 9.x

Firefox Tracking Flags

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17 years ago
Build: 2002-03-19-08
Platform : OS 9
Expected Result: Window should open and not result in a crash
What I got: After opening and closing a message window twice, attempting to open
a message window for the third time results in a crash.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Launch app and close browser window
2) Press command -M to open a new message window
3) Close this window
4) Repeat steps twice more. The crash should occur when opening the message for
the third time.

Macsbug stack trace:

MacsBug 6.6.3, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-2000
PowerPC unmapped memory exception at 3D6C06C0
  20-Mar-2002 3:02:42 PM (since boot = 14 minutes)
  Current application is “Netscape 6”
  Machine = #406 (NewWorldMac), System $0910, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $45F6, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe (and it probably isn't VM's fault)
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +64786946
 Address 3D6C06C0 is in VM file-mapped logical memory space
 It is in the CFM fragment “HTMLEditor.shlb” at 3D5D8000
 It is 000E86C0 bytes from the start of the fragment
  and 000E2B40 bytes into a non-writeable code section at 3D5DDB80
 PowerPC 740/750 Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = 3D6C06C0     CR  0100 1010 0000 0000 0000 0000 1000 1000
  LR  = 3D6092EC         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = 3E8B0560
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 000   01     00                     MQ  = 00000000
  R0  = 00000000     R8  = 3D6C44B2      R16 = 01DE7B5C      R24 = 01FBCCF8
  SP  = 039D57D0     R9  = 5F8ADD32      R17 = 3D6C0728      R25 = 00000000
  TOC = 02DF0980     R10 = 932E0080      R18 = 02E0EB58      R26 = 00000001
  R3  = 00000000     R11 = 00000001      R19 = 02E13154      R27 = 3D6C4468
  R4  = 039D580C     R12 = 207081F2      R20 = 01DE97B8      R28 = 01DE9218
  R5  = 00000001     R13 = 00000036      R21 = 00000000      R29 = 02E0E760
  R6  = 00000000     R14 = 023FE1C4      R22 = 02E0FD00      R30 = 039D59BC
  R7  = 00000000     R15 = 02E0E7E0      R23 = 039D5B18      R31 = 039D59A8
 Disassembling PowerPC code from 3D6C0698
  No procedure name
            3D6C0698   mtctr      r0                         ; CTR = 0x0009 |
            3D6C069C   bctr                                               | 4E800420
            3D6C06A0   lwz        r12,-0x7ECC(RTOC)                       | 81828134
            3D6C06A4   stw        RTOC,0x0014(SP)                         | 90410014
            3D6C06A8   lwz        r0,0x0000(r12)                          | 800C0000
            3D6C06AC   lwz        RTOC,0x0004(r12)                        | 804C0004
            3D6C06B0   mtctr      r0                         ; CTR = 0x0009 |
            3D6C06B4   bctr                                               | 4E800420
            3D6C06B8   dc.l       0x00000000                              | 00000000
            3D6C06BC   dc.l       0x00000000                              | 00000000
            3D6C06C0  *lwz        r0,0x0000(r12)                          | 800C0000
            3D6C06C4   stw        RTOC,0x0014(SP)                         | 90410014
            3D6C06C8   mtctr      r0                         ; CTR = 0x0009 |
            3D6C06CC   lwz        RTOC,0x0004(r12)                        | 804C0004
            3D6C06D0   bctr                                               | 4E800420
            3D6C06D4   blr                                                | 4E800020
            3D6C06D8   rlmi.      r3,r7,r6,0x03,0x00                      | 58E330C1
            3D6C06DC   dc.l       0x7B4811D2                              | 7B4811D2
            3D6C06E0   stb        r5,0x0080(r25)                          | 98B90080
            3D6C06E4   rlwnm.     r9,r25,r15,0x16,0x04                    | 5F297D89
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod       13057K  00002800 to 00CC2CBF  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    0000F0C0 to 00010ADF  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod       48967K  00CC2CC0 to 03C94A1F  Process Manager zone
  #4  Mod          20K    01D1E2E0 to 01D2330F  “Talkback”
  #5  Mod       28229K    01DBBAF0 to 0394D1FF  “Netscape 6”  ApplZone^ 
TheZone^  TargetZone
  #6  Mod         954K    03A55250 to 03B43D5F  “Finder”
  #7  Mod         121K    03B58810 to 03B76F1F  “Time Synchronizer”
  #8  Mod         361K    03B819D0 to 03BDC0DF  “Folder Actions”
  #9  Mod          53K    03BF2B90 to 03C0029F  “FBC Indexing Scheduler”
  #10 Mod         153K    03C2D310 to 03C53A1F  “Control Strip Extension”
  #11 Mod        9215K  04100000 to 049FFFDF
  #12 Mod         216K    041C13D0 to 041F73CF
  #13 Mod          94K    04297450 to 042AF02F
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 0000F0C0 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 00CC2CC0 is ok
 The “Talkback” heap at 01D1E2E0 is ok
 The “Netscape 6” heap at 01DBBAF0 is ok
 The “Finder” heap at 03A55250 is ok
 The “Time Synchronizer” heap at 03B58810 is ok
 The “Folder Actions” heap at 03B819D0 is ok
 The “FBC Indexing Scheduler” heap at 03BF2B90 is ok
 The “Control Strip Extension” heap at 03C2D310 is ok
  System heap high free space + TempMem low free space = #17632400 (#16M)
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           001A      #26   000765F0      #484848 (#473K)
  Nonrelocatable                 12E2    #4834   00816D4C     #8482124 (#8283K)
  Relocatable                    0900    #2304   00433140     #4403520 (#4300K)
    Locked                       0396     #918   002D5480     #2970752 (#2901K)
    Purgeable and not locked     004E      #78   0004BAA0      #309920 (#302K)
  Heap size                      1BFC    #7164   00CC047C    #13370492 (#12M)
 The target heap is the Process Manager heap at 00CC2CC0
 Totaling the Process Manager heap at 00CC2CC0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0010      #16   010F43B0    #17777584 (#16M)
  Nonrelocatable                 0003       #3   00005C9C       #23708 (#23K)
  Relocatable                    0075     #117   01ED7CD0    #32341200 (#30M)
    Locked                       002A      #42   01ED5AA0    #32332448 (#30M)
    Purgeable and not locked     0000       #0   00000000           #0
  Heap size                      0088     #136   02FD1D1C    #50142492 (#47M)
 The target heap is the “Netscape 6” heap at 01DBBAF0
 Totaling the “Netscape 6” heap at 01DBBAF0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           005D      #93   00655560     #6640992 (#6485K)
  Nonrelocatable                 0161     #353   0108F17C    #17363324 (#16M)
  Relocatable                    03BE     #958   004ACFF0     #4902896 (#4787K)
    Locked                       001F      #31   00086500      #550144 (#537K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0004       #4   0003CD00      #249088 (#243K)
  Heap size                      057C    #1404   01B916CC    #28907212 (#27M)
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  FRef Name                         VRef Type Fl ForkID   LogEOF
  0002 System                       FFFF zsys mW rsrc     0088EBA9
  0006 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     00400000
  000A **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     00400000
  000E **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFF •••• mw data     00021000
  0012 Speech Manager               FFFF INIT mw data     00000FA0
  0016 Monitor BitDepth             FFFF sdev mw data     00001CEA
  001A Time Synchronizer            FFFF appe mW rsrc     000020CE
  001E USB Device Extension         FFFF ndrv mw data     0005D376
  0022 System                       FFFF zsys mw data     0069FDD4
  0026 ATI 3D Accelerator           FFFF shlb mw data     000E0DDA
  002A AppleScript                  FFFF thng mw data     000A205F
  002E Video Mirroring              FFFF sdev mw data     0000143A
  0032 OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF shlb mw data     000E50C4
  0036 OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00007CBD
  003A Remote Access Log            FFFF lzlg mW data     00011000
  003E Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     00011000
  0042 Type 1 Scaler                FFFF sclr mw data     000875A7
  0046 OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001E45
  004A OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001E45
  004E Energy Settings              FFFF sdev mw data     00001D06
  0052 Security Policy Module       FFFF shlb mw data     0002EBDE
  0056 Sound Manager                FFFF INIT mw data     00004C42
  005A Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw rsrc     0007E765
  005E Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw data     001D258C
  0062 Monitor Resolution           FFFF sdev mw data     0000358A
  0066 Standard Additions           FFFF osax mw data     0001E5E4
  006A FontAnnexFile                FFFF xfnt mW data     00000730
  006E Security Library             FFFF shlb mw data     000FAFE2
  0072 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     000911DC
  0076 Serial (Built-in)            FFFF libr mw rsrc     0000F716
  007A QuickTime™ PowerPlug         FFFF INIT mw data     0003703E
  007E QuickTime™                   FFFF INIT mw data     0006E786
  0082 Apple Audio Extension        FFFF INIT mw data     00061540
  0086 Text Encoding Converter      FFFF shlb mw data     000265D0
  008A Color Picker                 FFFF INIT mw data     00001900
  008E File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw data     0000E421
  0092 File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw rsrc     000011B1
  0096 Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     00011000
  009A Chinese Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     00003FC8
  009E Find CM Items                FFFF cmpi mw data     00006702
  00A2 Open Transport               FFFF otsl mw data     000F09E2
  00A6 Open Transport               FFFF otsl mw rsrc     00041F83
  00AA Japanese Encodings           FFFF ecpg mw data     00003F18
  00AE PrintingLib                  FFFF shlb mw data     000AE87A
  00B2 Korean Encodings             FFFF ecpg mw data     00002DF8
  00B6 File Sharing Strip           FFFF sdev mw data     000021BA
  00BA Language Kit Preferences     FFFF pref mW rsrc     00000228
  00BE Unicode Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     000041E8
  00C2 aim.jar                      FFFF TEXT mw data     000380E3
  00C6 Apple Guide                  FFFF INIT mw data     0008E2D8
  00CA Finder Preferences           FFFF pref mW rsrc     0000028E
  00CE Desktop DB                   FFFF BTFL mW data     00033000
  00D2 Desktop DF                   FFFF DTFL mW data     0015EC32
  00D6 Folder Actions Menus         FFFF cmpi mw data     0000287F
  00DA Apple Monitor Plugins        FFFF INIT mw data     00008470
  00DE Web Sharing CS               FFFF sdev mw data     00005356
  00E2 UDFBridgeCMPlugin            FFFF cmpi mw data     0000148D
  00E6 Time Synchronizer            FFFF appe mw data     0000A6EC
  00EA Control Strip Extension      FFFF appe mw data     00000D28
  00EE bmpdecoder.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00003AD3
  00F2 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     000911DC
  00F6 AppleShare                   FFFF RDEV mw data     0001AB20
  0102 AppleTalk Switch             FFFF sdev mw data     00002DFA
  0106 ATI Resource Manager         FFFF shlb mw data     0003AA04
  010A Apple Enet DLPI Support      FFFF shlb mw data     00013E38
  010E EnetShimLib                  FFFF shlb mw data     00002FB0
  0112 Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw data     0007A053
  0116 Security Storage Module      FFFF shlb mw data     00079D33
  011A Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     000911DC
  011E Control Strip Extension      FFFF appe mW rsrc     00011F07
  0122 IrDALib                      FFFF shlb mw data     000468CE
  0126 Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw rsrc     0000720E
  012A FBC Indexing Scheduler       FFFF appe mw data     000049AF
  012E SoundSource Strip            FFFF sdev mw data     00001B66
  0132 SerialShimLib                FFFF shlb mw data     00004FE4
  0136 mailnews.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     000C1E92
  013A HID Library                  FFFF shlb mw data     000054B8
  013E ColorSync Extension          FFFF appe mw data     00066E0A
  0142 lwbrk.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00004571
  0146 USB Software Locator         FFFF ndrv mw data     00004672
  014E Folder Actions               FFFF appe mw data     00005260
  0152 Contextual Menu Extension    FFFF INIT mw data     00010467
  0156 SOMobjects™ for Mac OS       FFFF shlb mw data     0001F880
  015A FBC Indexing Scheduler       FFFF appe mW rsrc     00003061
  015E Internet Config Extension    FFFF thng mw data     00006C3C
  0162 Security Manager             FFFF shlb mw data     00048736
  0166 VM Storage                   FFFF ZSYS mW data     04A00000
  016A Folder Actions               FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001471
  016E AppShell.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00031604
  0172 Sound Volume                 FFFF sdev mw data     0000103A
  0176 Security Cert Module         FFFF shlb mw data     0004AA34
  017A QuickDraw™ 3D RAVE           FFFF shlb mw data     00046012
  017E System Resources             FFFF zsyr mw rsrc     0010011B
  0206 MsgImap.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     000D4193
  020A widget.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00054565
  020E WidgetSupport.shlb           FFFF shlb mw data     00001C3D
  0212 widget.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw rsrc     0000099E
  0216 TalkBack                     FFFF APPL mW rsrc     000111E2
  021E profile.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     0001C7FA
  0222 MsgLocal.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00078E86
  0226 StdLog                       FFFF TEXT mW data     00003446
  023A libimg2.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     000113F0
  023E modern.jar                   FFFF TEXT mw data     000A9647
  0242 AIM.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     0009D0DC
  0246 mozBrowser.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00006ACC
  024E Netscape 6                   FFFF APPL mW rsrc     00042AD4
  0252 Xpcs.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     000039EE
  0256 Xprt.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0001BDE2
  0262 Netscape 6                   FFFF APPL mw data     00023ABF
  0266 JSLoader.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0000C759
  026E CoolBucky.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     000392EA
  0272 Xptl.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0000106E
  0276 JavaScript.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0007A08C
  027A Activation.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0000896C
  027E US.jar                       FFFF TEXT mw data     00007076
  0282 XPConnect.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     00055D35
  0286 CoolSocket.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0000816F
  028A CoolBos.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00035DFE
  028E Necko.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     000D0D08
  0292 zlib.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0000B7D4
  029A gfxComponent.shlb            FFFF shlb mw data     00040A83
  029E CoolPeer.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00012627
  02A2 jpegdecoder2.shlb            FFFF shlb mw data     000125FF
  02A6 help.jar                     FFFF TEXT mw data     00002D67
  02B6 gfxComponent.shlb            FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00000269
  02BA chardet.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00013E93
  02C2 docshell.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0004FBFB
  02CE dom.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     000653BF
  02D2 comm.jar                     FFFF TEXT mw data     000D2D00
  02DE PIPBOOT.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00007B7B
  02EA oji.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     0001CAD7
  02EE NSRuntime.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     00004442
  02F2 NSStdLib.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00044383
  02F6 NSPR20.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     000366A8
  02FA xpcom.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00110ED6
  02FE libreg.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00009784
  0302 Component Registry           FFFF TEXT mW data     0007C13F
  0306 LiveConnect.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     00019D5A
  0312 libpref.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00016127
  0316 plugin.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     000336FE
  031A HTMLEditor.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00117F56
  031E EmbedComponents.shlb         FFFF shlb mw data     00036FA1
  0322 MRJPlugin                    FFFF NSPL mw data     0003333A
  0326 MRJLib                       FFFF shlb mw data     0017639C
  032A Caps.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00027EB9
  032E MsgAddrbook.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     00083C8E
  0332 MRJPlugin                    FFFF NSPL mw rsrc     000005C9
  033A strres.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00008343
  033E EditorTxmgr.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     0000726C
  0342 toolkit.jar                  FFFF TEXT mw data     0003EF17
  0346 ChomeRegistry.shlb           FFFF shlb mw data     00025F92
  034E Mime.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00043FC0
  0352 RDFLibrary.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0003ADA2
  035A shistory.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00008C0E
  035E htmlparser.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00071256
  0366 layout.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00256AA0
  036A uconv.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00016665
  0376 unicharutil.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     0000796F
  037A Cache.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00019F9D
  037E pngdecoder2.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     000121C5
  0386 uriloader.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     0001E724
  038E gifdecoder2.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     000040ED
  0392 content.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     003F3A48
  0396 gfx.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     00009675
  039A view.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00018916
  03A2 nslocale.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0000F00A
  03A6 Mork.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0003B396
  03AA gfx2.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00002677
  03AE libjar.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00010FF2
  03B2 en-US.jar                    FFFF TEXT mw data     000AF11B
  03B6 en-mac.jar                   FFFF TEXT mw data     00000DA2
  03BA history.dat                  FFFF BINA mW data     000087D8
  03BE _CACHE_MAP_                  FFFF TEXT mW data     00001000
  03C2 Cookie.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00017213
  03C6 _CACHE_001_                  FFFF TEXT mW data     00008200
  03CA _CACHE_002_                  FFFF TEXT mW data     00001000
  03CE QFA.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     000034C8
  03D2 _CACHE_003_                  FFFF TEXT mW data     00001000
  03D6 TalkBack Library             FFFF shlb mw data     00013CC2
  03DE messenger.jar                FFFF TEXT mw data     0006EBC8
  03E2 Composer.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     000381E9
  03EA appcomps.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0008738B
  03F2 lock                         FFFF ???? mW data     00000000
  03FA MsgCompose.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     000913C0
  #256 FCBs, #216 in use (including #32 fonts not listed), #40 free
 Displaying Volume Control Blocks
  vRef VolName             Flg dRef Drv# FSID NumBlks  BlkSiz FilCnt DirCnt
BlsdDir  VCBPtr
  FFFF untitled            dsh FFCA 0008 0000 00100F7A 001000 000E72 00021A
0000001B 001534E0
  #1 VCBs
 Displaying Drive Queue
  Drive Volume               Flags dRef Driver Name           FSID   Size   QElem at
  0008  untitled             leiS  FFCA .ATADisk              0000 00807F06 00181526
  #1 drive
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  dRef dNum Driver                      Flg  Ver   qHead  Stor/Ver Dely  Drvr at
DCE at
  FFFA 0005 .AIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005B54A0
  FFF9 0006 .AOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005B5560
  FFF8 0007 .BIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005B5620
  FFF7 0008 .BOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005B56E0
  FFF6 0009 .MPP                        bPO  #60 00000000 00000001 0000 0054D560
  FFF5 000A .ATP                        bPO  #58 00000000 006B7A10 0000 00601500
  FFD7 0028 .XPP                        bPO  #58 00000000 005503B0 0000 00602710
  FFD6 0029 .AFPTranslator              bPO   #0 00000000 006E0FC0 003C 00739890
  FFCF 0030 .EDisk                      bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 003C FFCC3090
  FFCE 0031 .LANDisk                    bPC   #1 00000000 00000000 0000 000C3958
  FFCD 0032 .Display_Video_ATI_mach64   bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f08 0000 000D8428
  FFCC 0033 .ATALoad                    bPO   #0 00000000 0017D250 0001 FFDA80A0
  FFCB 0034 .swmdrvr                    bPO   #0 00000000 00004F34 001E 004BEED0
  FFCA 0035 .ATADisk                    bPO   #0 00000000 00181D60 0065 001859FE
  FFC9 0036 .BCScreen                   bPO   #0 00000000 01.05f00 0000 000D6278
  FFC8 0037 .DAVAudio                   bPO   #0 00000000 01.21f00 0000 001BEC28
  FFC7 0038 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 0041AEB8
  FFC6 0039 .Display_Video_Apple_Offsc… bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f00 0000 004F4AF8
  FFC5 003A .ASLM                       bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 004EE350
  FFC4 003B .Infra                      bPO  #21 00000000 00579C10 0000 00576F30
  FFC3 003C .SLM                        bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 0050FB50
  FFC2 003D .DSP                        bPO  #58 00000000 008B3AE0 0000 00630250
  FFC1 003E .ipp                        bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 006BF3E0
  FFC0 003F .AppleCD                    bPO   #0 00000000 0044F5C2 0078 0045A02E
  FFBF 0040 .LeapIn                     bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 004FCC20
  FFBE 0041 .LeapOut                    bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 00501C50
  FFBD 0042 .HDI                        bPO   #0 00000000 00795160 001E 008E4900
  FFBB 0044 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 008CC8F8
  FFA2 005D .PrinterShare               bHO   #0 00000000 00004674 0000 0089D910
  FFA1 005E .IrOut                      bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005E2F50
  FFA0 005F .IrIn                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 005E2E88
  #96 Unit Table entries, #31 in use, #65 free
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $01DF32EC, flags $0000, file $0332 = MRJPlugin
      Map $01DF33A8, flags $0000, file $02B6 = gfxComponent.shlb
      Map $01DF3400, flags $0000, file $0212 = widget.shlb
      Map $01DBBC78, flags $FF80, file $024E = Netscape 6
   +  Map $00005C00, flags $FF9A, file $0003 = •ROM resources that override System•
    S Map $00005A40, flags $FF8D, file $0002 = System
      Map $00002DF4, flags $001C, file $0126 = Network Setup Extension
      Map $000039E8, flags $001C, file $0092 = File Sharing Library
      Map $00004AD4, flags $001C, file $0036 = OpenTpt Remote Access
      Map $00004BD4, flags $001C, file $00A6 = Open Transport
      Map $00004EA0, flags $FF9C, file $00BA = Language Kit Preferences
      Map $00005808, flags $FF94, file $017E = System Resources
      [Skipped $0020 maps belonging to font files]
 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  00000000    PPC  3E978510  
  039D8EF0    PPC  3E962CB8  main+00138
  039D8E90    PPC  3E9621D0  main1(int, char**, nsISupports*)+00AF0
  039D8D10    PPC  3E00A318  nsAppShellService::Run()+00018
  039D8CD0    PPC  3DFC81A8  nsAppShell::Run()+00038
  039D8C90    PPC  3DFC8A0C  nsMacMessagePump::DoMessagePump()+0003C
  039D8C40    PPC  3DFC8D68  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int,
  039D8C00    PPC  3DFC90F8  nsMacMessagePump::DoMouseDown(EventRecord&)+00108
  039D8AE0    PPC  3DFC9E34  nsMacMessagePump::DoMenu(EventRecord&, long)+00084
  039D8990    PPC  3DFCA2C8 
nsMacMessagePump::DispatchMenuCommandToRaptor(EventRecord&, long
  039D8920    PPC  3DFC19E0  nsMacWindow::DispatchMenuEvent(void*, int, int*)+00030
  039D88E0    PPC  3DFC3028  nsMacEventHandler::HandleMenuCommand(EventRecord&,
  039D8850    PPC  3DFB2C58  nsWindow::DispatchWindowEvent(nsGUIEvent&)+00018
  039D8810    PPC  3DFB2B60  nsWindow::DispatchEvent(nsGUIEvent*,
  039D87C0    PPC  3DFE0BCC  nsMenuBar::MenuSelected(const nsMenuEvent&)+000BC
  039D8730    PPC  3DFE61D0  nsMenu::MenuItemSelected(const nsMenuEvent&)+00800
  039D8310    PPC  3DFEAE20  nsMenuItem::MenuItemSelected(const nsMenuEvent&)+00080
  039D82D0    PPC  3DFEB278  nsMenuItem::DoCommand()+001F8
  039D8160    PPC  3E366670  nsXULElement::HandleDOMEvent(nsIPresContext*,
nsEvent*, nsIDOMEv
ent**, unsigned int, nsEventStatus*)+00F70
  039D7DB0    PPC  3E133174 
nsEventListenerManager::HandleEvent(nsIPresContext*, nsEvent*, n
sIDOMEvent**, nsIDOMEventTarget*, unsigned int, nsEventStatus*)+02474
  039D7B40    PPC  3E130B2C 
nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventSubType(nsListenerStruct*, ns
IDOMEvent*, nsIDOMEventTarget*, unsigned int, unsigned int)+0047C
  039D79A0    PPC  3DE92F40  nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent(nsIDOMEvent*)+007A0
  039D7800    PPC  3DE742EC  nsJSContext::CallEventHandler(void*, void*,
unsigned int, void*,
 int*, int)+001CC
  039D7770    PPC  3E738DC8  JS_CallFunctionValue+00028
  039D7730    PPC  3E757BFC  js_InternalInvoke+000BC
  039D7670    PPC  3E7579B0  js_Invoke+005E0
  039D7590    PPC  3E75FA2C  js_Interpret+073DC
  039D73F0    PPC  3E757958  js_Invoke+00588
  039D7310    PPC  3E70DE98  XPC_WN_CallMethod(JSContext*, JSObject*, unsigned
int, long*, lo
  039D7240    PPC  3E7079C0  XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod(XPCCallContext&,
  039D7010    PPC  3E82576C  XPTC_InvokeByIndex+0000C
  039D6FD0    PPC  3E825878  _XPTC_InvokeByIndex+000CC
  039D6F00    PPC  3D5613E8  nsMsgComposeService::OpenComposeWindow(const char*,
const char*,
 int, int, nsIMsgIdentity*, nsIMsgWindow*)+00458
  039D6C10    PPC  3D5603FC  nsMsgComposeService::OpenWindow(const char*,
  039D6B70    PPC  3E829CF8  nsXPTCStubBase::Sentinel4()+000A8
  039D6AC0    PPC  3E825D08  PrepareAndDispatch+00448
  039D69D0    PPC  3E6FD260  nsXPCWrappedJS::CallMethod(unsigned short, const
*, nsXPTCMiniVariant*)+00040
  039D6990    PPC  3E700FF4  nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallMethod(nsXPCWrappedJS*,
unsigned short,
 const nsXPTMethodInfo*, nsXPTCMiniVariant*)+00B64
  039D6570    PPC  3E7579B0  js_Invoke+005E0
  039D6490    PPC  3E75EBF0  js_Interpret+065A0
  039D62F0    PPC  3E76C82C  js_SetProperty+0076C
  039D6260    PPC  3E757BFC  js_InternalInvoke+000BC
  039D61A0    PPC  3E757958  js_Invoke+00588
  039D60C0    PPC  3E70E078  XPC_WN_GetterSetter(JSContext*, JSObject*, unsigned
int, long*, 
  039D5FE0    PPC  3E7079C0  XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod(XPCCallContext&,
  039D5DB0    PPC  3E82576C  XPTC_InvokeByIndex+0000C
  039D5D70    PPC  3E825878  _XPTC_InvokeByIndex+000CC
  039D5CC0    PPC  3D56A158  nsMsgCompose::SetEditor(nsIEditorShell*)+000F8
  039D5BC0    PPC  3D42F180  SetDocumentCharacter

Comment 1

17 years ago
duplicate submission

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 132441 ***
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
QA Contact: esther → olgam
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE

Comment 2

17 years ago
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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