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10 months ago
>> Mozilla Team/Department
Mozilla Internet Health Durable Team
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
Email and IPC relationships. In coordination with Data Privacy Day on Jan. 26, 2017, we want to introduce people to the 8-day Data Detox plan through snippet and email. The Data Detox kits have proven very popular at The Glass Room, and we would like to bring it to a broader audience in a coordinated manner.

>> How will you nurture these relationships?
The Plan

- Create 8 Internet Citizen + Medium posts, one for each day of data detox
- Develop email drip campaign, stemming from Privacy & Security sub-page
- Develop copy for subpage that prompts users to sign up for data detox
- Develop 8 evergreen drip emails that point to correlating 8 posts
- Develop 8 days of Snippets, each going to the correlating post

Our team would be responsible for all of the content. We are looking for advice on creating the drip campaign, and for space in the snippet schedule around Data Privacy Day.
>> How will success be measured?
- # of Campaign sign-ups
- CTR from the emails to the posts
- Maintaining daily audience engagement throughout 8 days
- # of people who invite a friend to join the Data Detox
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
Missed opportunity to make great content work harder for us. 
>> What's the timeline for launch?
Data Privacy Day is being "celebrated" on Jan. 26. We would want this ready a few days early. 
>> Any other info we should know?
We would like LCM guidance on how to work with the CRM to make this lead content when someone signs up for the Mozilla newsletter through this campaign. Would also welcome the LCM team's advice on other ways to do achieve this.
Thanks, MJ! I've added you & team to our LCM team mtg on Jan 4 at 1pm ET to talk about this more. Thanks!
Plan WIP:

MJ & Michaela - is this on one of your upcoming sprints to still do?
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9 months ago
Hey Jess, 

The content we were originally basing this idea on isn't going to be a good fit for a drip campaign. We'd like to come back to this when we have better, more appropriate content in the bank.

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Sounds good. Thanks, MJ! Looking forward to setting up a drip campaign together at some point in the future. :)
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