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Value::isGCThing is a footgun


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Value::isGCThing and Value::isMarkable do almost the same thing, but isGCThing returns true for NullValue.

We could remove isGCThing/toGCThing and convert all consumers to isMarkable. After that we can move JSVAL_TAG_NULL before JSVAL_LOWER_INCL_TAG_OF_GCTHING_SET and probably rename isMarkable/isGCThing to isGCThing/toGCThing.
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This converts all isGCThing/toGCThing calls to isMarkable/toMarkablePointer or something else. Most callers actually wanted isMarkable/toMarkablePointer.

I renamed isGCThing to isGCThingOrNull and made it private, we'll remove it in a later patch.

r? baku for the DOM changes, especially XMLHttpRequestWorker.cpp we discussed on IRC.
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There are only 3 callers of toGCCellPtr, and all of them expect a non-null pointer.
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This moves NULL out of the "GCThing set" in Value.h, and removes the private isGCThingOrNull and toGCThingOrNull methods.
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Now we can rename isMarkable/toMarkablePointer to isGCThing/toGCThing with no change in behavior.
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Here's the combined patch. It's smaller but harder to review.

Also, if you prefer isMarkable/toMarkablePointer, I can just drop part 4.
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Part 1 - Get rid of isGCThing/toGCThing

Review of attachment 8821196 [details] [diff] [review]:

r+ for the DOM part
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Part 4 - Rename isMarkable/toMarkablePointer

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This all looks great!

Thanks for splitting up for easier reviewing.
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Fix Value::isGCThing footgun, stop returning true for NullValue. r=jonco,baku
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