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Autophone - block running multiple instances of Turn/ICE server on port 8191


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bug 1279259 is about the problem where the Mochitest webrtc tests start the Ice server on a fixed port 8191 which causes a socket error when Autophone attempts to run multiple instances at the same time.

The real fix for this will be to fix bug 1279259 to allow the Ice server port to be specified at run time and then to use Autophone's Unittest PortManager to select an available port at run time.

A temporary fix and a useful ability would be to allow the test configs to specify a lock file which prevents selected multiple instances of the Unittests from running at the same time.

This patch is lacking some mention of the lock file configuration in the documentation but I can add that quickly.
You weren't planning on any PTO were you? ;-)
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I really don't like this, but it does look as though it works great- how does this work for scheduling- the jobs will just wait in a queue?
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It will set up the job and then block on obtaining the lock just prior to calling runtest(). The does affect scheduling quite a bit as I mentioned in bug 1279259 comment 2. It took a long time to complete my test run.

I don't like it either as a full solution but it is better than the socket contentions which prevent the tests from running at all. I intend to keep an eye on things while I work on fixing bug 1279259 for real. If needed I can make adjustments but we shouldn't have too much load for the next few days and should be ok.

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