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Can't see scroll bar for network panel when the width is less than 1000px


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(firefox52 unaffected, firefox53 wontfix, firefox54 fixed)

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firefox52 --- unaffected
firefox53 --- wontfix
firefox54 --- fixed


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Steps to reproduce:

See screenshot:

No scrollbar:
Has scrollbar:

Actual results:

It will only show scrollbar when the width is more than around 1000 px.

This to me is very excessive and unnecessary.

Also, why users can't adjust the width of each column?
Component: Untriaged → Developer Tools: Netmonitor
Duplicate of this bug: 1336203
merging information from bug 1336203.

regression range:

apparently from bug 1309866.

this issue also happens when the request details is opened and the width becomes small.

also the scroll bar is shown for <1000px situation by following:
  1. make the width >1000px
  2. narrow it slowly

but when I narrow it quickly, the scroll bar goes away.

so, apparently the scrollbar is placed at wrong place.
boxObject says the scrollbar is placed at the red box in the attached screenshot.
apparently, div.request-list-container is wider than, and that results in placing the scrollbar outside of visible area.
Thanks for the report!

@Fred, could you please take a look at this?

Priority: -- → P2
honza: which fred did you want to have take a look?
Flags: needinfo?(odvarko)
(In reply to Randell Jesup [:jesup] from comment #6)
> honza: which fred did you want to have take a look?
Ah, thanks for the note :-)

@Fred, could you please take a look at this?

Flags: needinfo?(odvarko) → needinfo?(gasolin)
Assignee: nobody → gasolin
Flags: needinfo?(gasolin)
Whiteboard: [netmonitor]
Flags: qe-verify?
Priority: P2 → --
Whiteboard: [netmonitor] → [netmonitor] [triage]
Btw. There is also bug 1338437 (another scroll-bar issue)

Flags: qe-verify? → qe-verify+
Priority: -- → P3
QA Contact: ciprian.georgiu
Ricky, since you are dealing with split bar in Bug 1309183, 
could you help confirm if this issue still happened after applied your patch?
Flags: needinfo?(rchien)
Ooh I get confused, but this bug doesn't related to split bar
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Whiteboard: [netmonitor] [triage] → [netmonitor-reserve]
I found the issue is fixed after convert netmonitor xul to xhtml in Bug 1309826
Depends on: 1309826
I've tested again and the issue is fixed after bug 1309826 landed
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1309826
Assignee: gasolin → nobody
No longer blocks: netmonitor-html
Flags: qe-verify+
Priority: P3 → --
QA Contact: ciprian.georgiu
Whiteboard: [netmonitor-reserve]
Fixed in 54 in the duplicate bug but 53 is still affected.
But I don't think we want to uplift the work in bug 1309826 to aurora at this point. 
Is there a smaller fix for this issue you can cherry pick or shall I wontfix it for 53?
Flags: needinfo?(rchien)
It would need to uplift a series of patches if we want to fix for 53. I'd prefer to wontfix it for 53 since there is no smaller patch can fix this issue easily.
Flags: needinfo?(rchien)
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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