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Allow inline comments in ESLint config


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Our current ESLint rules disallow inline comments (on the same line as code):

    // Disallow comments inline after code.
    "no-inline-comments": "error",

I think there several cases where these make sense to allow, including:

1. Noting the meaning of boolean args at call sites

  certOverrideService.rememberValidityOverride(host, port, cert, overrideBits,
                                               true /* temporary */);

2. Explaining a conditional branch

if (!Services.appinfo
    || Services.appinfo.processType == Services.appinfo.PROCESS_TYPE_CONTENT
    || Services.appinfo.ID === undefined /* XPCShell */
    || Services.appinfo.ID == B2G_ID
    || Services.appinfo.ID == GRAPHENE_ID
    || !AddonPathService) {

I am sure I can find more if needed...
Tom, Patrick, any opinions?
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(In reply to J. Ryan Stinnett [:jryans] (use ni?) from comment #1)
> Tom, Patrick, any opinions?

I've also hit some cases where this would have been more clear.
I think it's ok when used judiciously, though of course there's no way
to explain that to eslint.  In the end though I think it's ok
to make this change.  Thanks for bringing this up.
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I have not met cases where this would have helped me personally, and I (personally, again) find examples 1. and 2. sort of hard to read.
But I don't have to deal with code much anymore these days, so I'll go with whatever other people say. Maybe something to bring up at the next meeting, or on the mailing list, and just land if nobody complains?
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Another form that this rule disallows:

const POPUP_HIDDEN_DELAY = 100; // ms

Currently, the rule would have you rewrite this as:

// ms

which seems sub-par, since the unit is now further from the number it describes.
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Bug 1326100 - Allow inline comments in DevTools.

Thank you.
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Bug 1326100 - Restore notable inline comments in DevTools.

Thanks.  You really went the extra mile on this one!  It looks good and in particular I agree that all these comments are better inline.
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Allow inline comments in DevTools. r=tromey
Restore notable inline comments in DevTools. r=tromey
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