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Folder dropmarkers in bookmarks sidebar don't update correctly (don't redraw until folder is hovered)


(Core :: XUL, defect)





(Reporter: arni2033, Unassigned)



>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 49, 32bit, ID 20160526082509
STR_1:  (original)
1. Create 2 folders in bookmarks sidebar
2. Create several bookmark in the 1st folder
3. Open bookmarks panel, drag and drop each bookmark from the 1st folder to the 2nd folder
4. Hover mouse over the 1st, then over the 2nd folder

AR:  Step 4 - dropmarker near 1st folder disappears, dropmarker near 2nd folder appears (in sidebar)
ER:  Dropmarkers in sidebar should redraw in Step 3

STR_2:  (detailed)
1. Open bookmarks sidebar
2. Create folders "host" and "2016.09.27 01-02-20" in folder "Bookmarks menu"
3. Open , bookmark it to folder "host"
4. In bookmarks sidebar, focus folder "Bookmarks menu", but make sure it's opened
5. Click Menu bar -> Bookmarks -> "host"
6. Drag and drop bookmark created in Step 4 from one folder to another:
   Hover mouse over bookmark "Example Domain", hold left mouse button, move mouse to folder "host" in
   a straight line, then to folder "2016.09.27 01-02-20" in a straight line, release left mouse button
7. Move mouse vertically to content area. Click left mouse button on the page to close bookmarks list
8. Hover mouse over folder "host", then "2016.09.27 01-02-20" in bookmarks sidebar

 Steps 6,7
    Dropmarker near folder "host" in sidebar is still displayed.
    No dropmarker near folder "2016.09.27 01-02-20" in sidebar
 Step 8
    Dropmarker near folder "host" (in bookmarks sidebar) disappears,
    then dropmarker near folder "2016.09.27 01-02-20" (in bookmarks sidebar) appears

 Step 6
    Dropmarker near folder "host" should disappear,
    dropmarker near folder "2016.09.27 01-02-20" should appear
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Component: Untriaged → XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL
Product: Firefox → Core
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Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL → XUL
Severity: normal → S3
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