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Dropbox: Keyboard scrolling doesn't work in Firefox


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>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 49, 32bit, ID 20160526082509
1. Open url [1] in a private window. Resize Firefox window to make iframe scrollable
2. Click in iframe (or click on the free place in header)
3. Press Down key (or Up key, or PageUp/PageDown)

AR:  No visible action
ER:  Page should just scroll according to the pressed key

> [1] data:text/html,<script>location.href="https://www.drop"+""</script>

1) Function _verticalScroll sets scrollTop to <body>, not to <html>. This works in GoogleChrome,
   but doesn't work in Firefox (by the way, _horizontalScroll is also broken)
Line 161
    _verticalScroll: function(scrollDistance) {
      $viewerContainer = $j("body");
      $viewerContainer.animate({scrollTop: $viewerContainer.scrollTop() + scrollDistance}, 50);

2) You can also tell them that:
 2.1) Even in GoogleChrome, Shift+Spacebar doesn't scroll the page to the top. It's not an issue for
      me anyway, as I DON'T use this obtrusive way of scrolling (that also breaks web pages)
 2.2) if in Step 2 I click in the header, Home and End buttons don't work in Firefox and GoogleChrome
 2.3) Ctrl+Up/Down button in Firefox is treated as Up/Down, not as Home/End
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Keyboard scrolling in Firefox (OSX/Windows) and Chrome (OSX) is indeed busted, but working in Chrome (Windows).

(for whatever reason, document.scrollingElement is returning different results in Chrome Canary for Windows and OSX... O-o).

The fix is pretty simple, like arni mentioned, in

Just change 

> $viewerContainer = $j("body");


> $viewerContainer = $j(document.scrollingElement);

That won't work for older browsers, so something like the following will be more compatible:

> $viewerContainer = $j("body, html");

Adam, can we get in touch with Dropbox about this?
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Reached out via the Dropbox mailing list.
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This should be resolved now. Thank you for letting us (Dropbox) know! Is there anything I need to do to close this out?
That's great, thanks Mike! It works for me now in Firefox 55 for OSX.
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