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Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard shortcut for "Developer Toolbox" does not work; conflicting with Ctrl+Shift+I for "Chat"


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Thunderbird 58.0
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Thunderbird 53.0a1 20170102030205 and 52.0a2 20170102004003 (both 32-bit) on Windows 8.1 64-bit

Shortcut to open Chat tab and to open the Developer Toolbox is the same (Ctrl+Shift+I).

See menu Go > Chat and menu Tools > Developer Tools > Developer Toolbox.
The same shortcut is also used by DOM Inspector, if you have that add-on installed.
Accel+Shift+I is the shortcut used to toggle tools in Firefox, I'd argue that it is best to use that and change chat, even if that means that people using Accel+Shift+I for chat would be at a loss.

I guess we could go with Alt+Accel+Shift+I, which is used in Firefox to open the Browser Toolbox, but if you are regularly debugging this is a lot of buttons to press.

I am not too worried about DOM Inspector because the developer toolbox provides an inspector.

Florian, what do you think?
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Let's fix this please!
Richard, Florian, can you please comment on the following:

* Not having an out-of-the-box working keyboard shortcut for Developer Tools is really annoying because it is used frequently by those who need it most, and it's a third-level menu entry which requires complex precise navigation. Developers are also quite important for the product :)

* I don't think Ctrl+Shift+I is very intuitive for modern-day chat users, who may not remember IRC.
* Otoh, Ctrl+Shift+I is very intuitive for Developer Toolbox, because of ux-consistency with FF, and long tradition.


Ctrl+Shift+I -> Developer Toolbox (ux-consistent with FF)
Ctrl+Shift+H -> Chat

Reasons for Ctrl+Shift+H:
- Only available Shortcut using character from the word "Chat"
- Reasonable mnemonic value: H -> "Hello!", "Hi!" which is a common way of starting chats.
- Also, H might be seen as an iconic representation of two I's (two people) who are linked with a direct horizontal line of communication: I-I = H
- Imo unlikely to be used for anything else in the future.

Checking alternatives:
* Ctrl+Shift+C is taken for "Calendar"; Ctrl+C is "Copy".
* Ctrl+H is available, but should be reserved for "Replace" in quick replies.
* Ctrl+Shift+A is taken for "Select Thread"; Ctrl+A is "Select All".
* Ctrl+Shift+T is taken for "Undo Close Tab", Ctrl+T is "New Tab" (reserved for future use).
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Clearing Florian's needinfo to ping him again.
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Florian, there's a needinfo request for you from Philip some time ago, and a new one from me for my proposal of comment 3. Speak now or be forever silent on this matter ;)
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Summary: Shortcut to open Chat tab and to open the Developer Toolbox is the same (Ctrl+Shift+I) → Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard shortcut for "Developer Toolbox" does not work; conflicting with Ctrl+Shift+I for "Chat"
I don't understand the problem, Cmd+alt+I opens the devtools in both Firefox Nightly and Thunderbird Daily. Cmd+shift+I was the former dom inspector shortcut, which doesn't seem to be used anymore on Firefox. So... wontfix?

But I agree Cmd+shift+I isn't intuitive for Chat users... I actually didn't even remember about it myself :-(.
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The 'I' came probably from 'I'nstant messenging.

Ctrl+shift+I is still used to inspect the content in FX and also shown in the menuitem.

I'm okay with the Ctrl+Shift+H as it's the only one.
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So let's fix it.

Ctrl+Alt+I for Dev Toolbox is MAC-only, on Windows it's Ctrl+Shift+I, but Chat key is cross-platform Accel+Shift+I, that's why we have this conflict in Windows.

>   <key id="key_devtoolsToolbox"
>        key="&devToolboxCmd.commandkey;"
> #ifdef XP_MACOSX
>        modifiers="accel,alt"
> #else
>        modifiers="accel,shift"
> #endif
>        oncommand="BrowserToolboxProcess.init();"/>
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Patch V.1: Change Chat shortcut key to Accel+Shift+H

It's good the key name changes because at least de uses the same key and this is a heads up to change it too.
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Ah, and please use a uppercase 'P' for Paenglab in the commit message.
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Change keyboard shortcut for Chat to Ctrl+Shift+H/Cmd+Shift+H. r=Paenglab
Closed: 3 years ago
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Just for my education: Why did the string ID have to change?
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 58.0
(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+2) from comment #13)
> Just for my education: Why did the string ID have to change?

At least some, if not all locales share the same keyboard shortcuts, and unfortunately, changing the string ID is the only way to notify other l10ns that they must update their strings. Note the difference between real shortcut keys for commands, which can be cross-language, and access keys for menu navigation (which are obviously locale-specific, because access key is a character taken from the localized string which differs).

Having to change keys for what is essentially the same string does not make sense imo; it's easy to imagine a better and simpler system where if you change a string in the (en-US) master template, all localizations get notified, but if you just edit en-US locale, they don't get notified. I think there's a bug on record.
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