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username and password not suggested on imagemagick forum on firefox mobile


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Steps to reproduce:

Having your account registered with Firefox on desktop, and having a Sync account, try to login from firefox mobile for android. Username is autofilled but password not:
Summary: password not suggested on imagemagick forum → username and password not suggested on imagemagick forum on firefox mobile
Version: unspecified → 50 Branch
version 50.1.0.

Correction: username is not suggested either.
Hello, since this is a Login autofill issue, I will move this report to the Logins, Passwords and Form Fill component. Please move it to the correct component if I am wrong.
Component: General → Logins, Passwords and Form Fill
Hello and thank you for your report. 
I've tested with HTC Desire 820 (Android 6.0.1) & Motorola  XT910 (Android 4.4.4) on Firefox 50.1.0 and on the latest Nightly. Could not reproduce the issue that you described.
After I was logged in on desktop Firefox, I've logged in on my mobile device and synced the devices. Then after disconnecting and logging in again on mobile, the username and password were suggested.
Are these the same steps that you performed?
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Ok, I've tried again uninstalling Firefox Mobile and reinstalling again. Now when enter the forum, on the username field it suggests dozens of usernames (like suggests all usernames from all websites I'm registered to). Meanwhile, on the desktop version of firefox it only suggests the appropriate username for the site, not all of them.
Re-checked the first issue posted and I've managed to see how the username and passwords are not auto-filled, but only after you clean the browser's history & data. After a new sync, the logins should be brought back from your synced devices, but it's not happening. 
As a workaround: the saved logins are restored if you clear data for the app, from the device's Settings menu> Apps> Firefox> Clear Data, and then sign in again with your sync account.

The second issue, other usernames suggestions than the ones for that particular site, I was not able to reproduce.

I will continue to investigate this issue further.
I was able to reproduce this on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Android 5.1 x86). After the sync is performed, the password is not auto-filled. This is reproducible also if I open the page in different tab after I saved the password.

Note: only reproducible on x86 device.
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Reproducible also when performing a sync with Google Pixel (Android 8.0), HTC 10 (Android 7.0) and Win 10.
See Also: → 1461255
Thanks! I suspect this is a direct dupe of bug 1461255. What we need to fix this is:

* On desktop, install the about-sync addon from AMO and verify the password you are testing is shown on the server. This rules out a desktop bug uploading it.

* Follow to try and get log output from Android and attach it to a bug.
Closing this as a duplicate of Bug 1461255.
Closed: 2 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1461255
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